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GASP: Grandmothers Against Sexual Predators

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Please support my Facebook cause, Grandmothers Against Sexual Predators (GASP). We must stand together to protect our children against sexual predators. Sexual Predators do not stop whether they are apprehended or not. They just move from victim to victim. For this reason, I feel life sentences must be imposed on the Tier 3 sex offenders, who are the most violent ones. I really want them all to be locked up for life, but I have to be realistic here. Obviously, our current laws are not working. My goal is to contact Congress to have laws changed to ensure sexual predators do not harm our children anymore. The more members we have supporting this cause, the closer we may get to reaching this goal.

Our children are defenseless and desperately need our help. They can no longer do anything alone or even with other children without constant adult supervision as we were able to do as kids. Our children are in danger of being kidnapped by playing in their own back yards, sleeping in their own beds, walking home from school, taking bike rides, etc.

Children deserve to live a childhood without being victims of sexual predators, which will lead to a life full of self-destruction, such as drug and alcohol abuse and mental disorders. I should know because I am a survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence. For more about my life full of abuse and the effects it had on me, please refer to my Article, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The safety and well-being of our children depends on us by supporting this cause. Keep your children close at all times. It only takes seconds for a child’s innocence or precious life to be taken away.

My innocence was taken away at eight years old in a swimming pool by my half brother. It took only one second of him reaching underneath my bathing suit and touching me up front to destroy my childhood. It only took one inappropriate touch. Thirty-six years later, I still suffer from the flashbacks and the guilt of leaving my younger sister and cousin behind as I swam away in a fog confused by what he just did to me. He tried again, but failed. But it did not stop him from looking at me even as an adult as if he was undressing me with his eyes. He’s sick and I am sure to this day he has not stopped because like I said sexual predators do not stop they just move on to the next victim.

I am so very proud of the smart little girl I was realizing what he was doing was wrong. I don’t even want to think about what would of happened if I wasn’t so smart. I just wished I would have told, but I know there is a reason for everything. Maybe God’s mission for me is to help other victims. Don’t ever think your child will tell you about sexual abuse. I kept it a secret for over thirty years. As a result of childhood sexual abuse and childhood domestic violence, I now suffer from Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress and Borderline Personality disorders. My goal is to make sure no child ends up like me. I would not wish these disorders on anyone. They are nothing but pure torture. Most days, I cannot even stand myself, so I can truly understand why others can’t stand me either. I don’t blame them.

Thank you for supporting me in this cause to protect our children. May God protect everyone from evil. Remember the devil creates monsters such as sexual predators not God, so always trust in your faith in God. Maybe the real reason why someone was not able to break into my home in April (refer to my 11/29/09 comment under the Share your story section located under the Causes Home page) is because God stopped him.

With much compassion and love, Colleen

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ECPAT-USA: End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes
A 501©(3) nonprofit

 1. 90 percent of sexual predators are known and trusted by their victims.
 2. As of October 2009 there were 686,515 “registered” sexual predators in the US.
 3. Currently 100,000 registered sexual predators are unaccounted for.
 4. Sexual predators who are not apprehended have between 100 to 300 victims in their lifetime.
 5. Three out of four children will be sexually abused.


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