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Get Moving

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I recently got hurt on my job receiving infectious cuts on my right hand and right knee. I wasn’t aware of the infection until a couple of days later when I noticed the areas becoming swollen. I had to be admitted to the hospital where I underwent surgery to remove septic fluids from my hand and leg. I was in the hospital for about two weeks and the doctors suggested I go to a rehab facility. The place was a nursing home slash rehab where I had to stay there to receive my therapy. While the therapists were really great and I progressed a bit too slowly at first, what I got out of the experience was NEVER take moving on your own for granted. I saw people younger than me unable to get out their beds, some that had no legs, and even some that were not aware of anything going on around them. Here I was complaining about the pain in my leg which was just stiffness from lack of use. I vowed to get myself moving and was sent home in six weeks. Now, I have had yet another surgery on the same leg to clear out some residual inflammation and have a visiting therapist come to my home this time. I literally cry out loud from the pain and stiffness, but I am determined to see the therapy through. Just the thought of those people in the rehab center I was in makes me push myself to work harder. I did have some self pitying days where I just felt like lying in bed and doing nothing but complain, but what kind of person would I be if I just gave in? So I encourage myself and breathe through the pain since I want to be walking without assistance by the end April of this year. Plus, I got my eye on some really cute spring shoes!


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