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Get a New Lease on Life

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No problem or tragedy is insurmountable. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and liver problems in 2005, I was devastated. I had surgery for the cancer but I could not undergo additional traditional cancer treatment because of my unhealthy liver. Cancer is rarely a one shot deal so I knew I had to find some alternative treatment to give me that chance to keep on living. I threw myself into researching the causes and treatments of cancer. I became my own guinea pig. I changed the food I eat. I exercise. I meditate. My liver is healed. My cancer is in remission. Is that the end of my story? No, it is only the beginning. I wrote a book about my experience that has become an award winning guide to health that, in turn, has led to my frequent guest spots on talk radio. I have my new lease on life.

Anyone can get a new lease on life by following five steps. Remember, no one has a bigger stake in you than you.

1. Control the stress. 
Begin with relaxation techniques. Learn to meditate. I have a chapter on how in my book. Call the Y to check on classes in meditation or yoga. Check with your local Parks and Recreation Department about the classes they may offer on relaxation techniques.

2. Change the food you eat.
Certain foods can give your body a double jolt by reducing stress and increasing energy levels. Orange juice, beans, nuts, whole grains, and red meat in moderation are a few.

3. Exercise.
I’m not talking about a trip to the gym. I’m talking about walking twenty minutes a day in the sun without sunscreen. Your skin will absorb Vitamin D which will build your immune system. Walking will burn extra calories to get you fit.

After you’ve mastered stress and exercise, you are primed for sleep.

4. Sleep.
Studies prove we all do better on seven to nine hours sleep a night. Develop a sleep pattern. Go to bed the same time every night even if you think you are not really tired. Without realizing, you will begin to develop a sleep pattern. This is vital for a new lease on life.  Lack of sleep is counterproductive.

5. Identify your problem then decide on a direction.
After incorporating the previous four steps into your lifestyle, the last step is to identity your problem—which you probably already know—then decide on a direction. It may be seeking a new job or learning a new trade or finding tranquility. Decide what you want then take action. Take action but be patient. You’re life is not going to change in a week or a month. It took me months to develop a plan for healing my liver and beating my cancer into remission but I didn’t give up and neither should you. One thing I’m sure. You’ll be a new you.


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