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Getting Carded in Reverse

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I got carded in a store the other day.

The cashier asked me how old I was, but I must have had a confused look on my face (as I was thinking that that was a kinda personal thing to ask) so she says if I’m fifty-five or older (ouch) I could get a $3 discount. $3 IS $3 so I told her that I felt fifty-five or older and as she was finishing up, I glanced around and saw an older lady in front of me with a bemused look on her face so I said, “You know you’ve reached a crossroad in your life when you start getting carded in reverse.”

So …

I went home and shaved off my mustache (or nose neighbor, as Flanders would say) as it has been becoming more and more segregated over the years. It often reminded me of one time that my mom and I went to an all black church when I was a kid. Not only do Grey hairs draw needless attention to themselves, but they are also stiff and unyielding (again, not unlike white people in a black church).

Since I have shaved, several people have asked me if I have lost weight (I have been on a strict diet for the past 6 months and had already lost thirty-five pounds, thanks for noticing) and one lady even asked me if I was taller( ?). Who knew!


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