The Gift of Adversity

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When you begin this journey of changing your story to create a new one, all of your fears, doubts, and worries will surface. They come in many different guises—illness, loss, setbacks, among others. Because this will become your present reality, it will be easy to take your focus off of your new story and put all of your attention and energy on the setbacks. This is typical and extremely pervasive. Most people do not succeed in accomplishing their goals and intentions because of this derailment. Instead of pressing on toward the new story, the new life, most will become stalled inside of the setback. Author Napoleon Hill said this is where most people quit and give up, and this leads to failure.

The trick is to not get stuck inside the setback. Life’s adversities and setbacks happen to bring us to a new level of awareness, so that we can become who we were meant to be; who we were created to be. But because we focus all of our attention on the setback and view it as an unwanted and unwelcome guest in our lives, the longer it stays around. Instead of walking through the adversity with grace, we kick, scream and curse it, not recognizing its life-giving potential for us.

When any adversity comes to your door—and it will come—make the decision to walk through it with grace. Become aware of the trial—acknowledge its presence in your life at this time in your life. Accept the adversity. It has come for a specific purpose and it is not to harm you. You do not have to know the purpose at this time; just know that there is a greater purpose for your life. Then take the inspired action to journey through the pain and setback. Seek the necessary support you may need: read up on ways to help yourself through; seek the support and stories of others who have or are currently walking through a similar experience; listen and share stories with others to help neutralize any of the negative charge you may have around your trial. All adversity comes with grief and needs a grieving process—allow the process to happen.

Out of this grieving process many new lessons, blessings, and new awareness will emerge—ones you may have never seen had you not gone through the process. Once you fully journey through one process, the next won’t be quite as frightening. You will know what to do to help yourself; you will also know what does not work for you. This time is happening for you not to you. Everything that happens is designed to awaken us, to bring us to a new level of awareness. Resisting it will only keep you stuck in your same, small story. What you resist, persists; but what you befriend, you transcend.


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