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Giving You the Answers You So Passionately Want

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I had just returned from a major worldwide seminar. I did receive many answers to guide me in promoting my book Not Your Mother’s Diet. However, I had been expecting the major speaker at this worldwide seminar to announce my book and even recommend it to the audience. I had sent him a copy of my book about nine months ago asking that he read it. However, that didn’t happen.

So I kept hearing my inner voice say, “It wasn’t the will of my higher power (or whatever name you’d like to say here). Your Higher Power doesn’t work that way in this case.” Saying these statements helped me distract my mind first from anger and then disappointment, discouragement, and turning into thoughts of, “Is life worth it?” You see how morbid my thoughts and feelings can be?

Have you ever had a disappointment, say with your weight, which caused you to feel any of these feelings? How do you become detached and neutral while practicing being in the present moment? Yes, that’s not easy yet, that is what I teach in my book Not Your Mother’s Diet. Many of the tips and tools can reprogram your subconscious mind for success whatever your goal might be.

So when I returned late Sunday evening after eight hours of a late afternoon and evening flight, I was exhausted. The next two days I had scheduled patients and I was committed to being there for them whether I was exhausted or not. On top of my exhaustion, my whole body ached and my emotional body was still devastated, even though I kept saying positive statements. (5HTP is wonderful to help your brainwork to stay positive.)

Then Tuesday evening, my love, Jeff, asked me, “Have you seen the bee hive high in the tree right above where you parked your car. It is a huge!” The next morning when I went outside to water my organic vegetables and flowers I checked out the beehive. I was astounded at how large it was and that I never saw it before this morning. I went inside and did my morning routine. I was to talk on the phone and get an update from my media company. I also journaled (journaling is a tip for you to cope) that morning, asking my Higher Power for a sign as to what I was to do next in promoting my book. Remember, I’m still feeling exhausted, emotionally morbid, and I needed some inspiration here.

What I did, while waiting for my telephone conference with the media company, was finish watching the movie Seabiscuit. Just before I was to receive the call, Seabiscuit was running the race with War Admiral and I was crying. These were tears of joy because Seabiscuit won. Seabiscuit was a little guy and he overcame all odds to win the greatest race against War Admiral. Could this be one of my signs to uplift me?

About this time, I decided to look up the symbology of the bees. I used the Animal Speak book by Ted Andrews. And this is what it said, “Bees have been mythical symbols throughout the world. In Hinduism, depending upon how depicted, the bee could relate to Vishnu, Krishna, or even Kama, the God of love. In Egypt it is denoted royalty. In Greece, it is used in the symbology of the Eleusinian Mysteries, and the Celts associated it with hidden wisdom. Probably the most significant and consistent symbolism is that of sexuality and fertility.”

And this sentence is the one that really stood out for me, “Bees are also long-time symbols for accomplishing the impossible. “ This was my answer, because it has taken me twelve years to learn to walk my talk after writing my book. Even now I need to constantly be persistent and ask for messages from my higher power to keep me going in the process of promoting my book.

Think about this. My process could be related to your process. Your weight goals or fitness or body image goals can seem overwhelming and you probably feel this very fact many times. Just as I felt discouraged in the above story, you can use the technique of asking your higher power for a message as I did; and then pay attention to where the answer might come for you. These types of techniques to help you reach your goals are peppered throughout my book Not Your Mother’s Diet: The Cure for Your Eating Issues.

Here are three tips to remember:

1. Ask your question of your Higher Power

2. Look for your answer

3. Journal your answers with thankfulness

And by the way, look for me soon on the Today Show or CNN and even eventually Oprah. If you’re on my e-mail list, I’ll let you know the time and the date to tune in to one of the shows. My hope and wish for you is to learn to be successful in your weight, body image, or relationship issues and remember Not Your Mother’s Diet is ‘ONE’ of many books that can be help you be successful.


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