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God’s Way

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God’s Way or the Highway.
Which one will you choose?

One leads to Salvation.
The other way, you’ll lose.

There are two roads to take.
There are many decisions to make.

Yet, one thing remains, just you and God know
what it is that you really do.

A life gone astray may exhibit
Fornications, self-deception, altercations, rebelliousness,
forbidden desires, forsakenesss, leading eventually
to actual annihilation by God.

A life begun anew will begin with
Introspection, re-evaluation, moralization, honesty,
empathy, sympathy, determination, submission,
and end in alignment with God.

Easing troubled minds—‘tis no easy task
Convincing a sinner to follow God, yet harder still.

Looking at your life through God’s eyes enables you
to see:

All the vanity you have harbored in your mind
All the petty thievery just to get by
All the lies, both small ones and big ones
All the judgmental thoughts you have had while
looking at other people’s lives.

Your remaining hidden sins will then come to light.
Suddenly, you realize that you were just a ‘Devil in
Disguise’ for most of your life.

Yet, God’s ways are higher than fallen mankind’s.
Jesus’ life is the guidebook which shows us the way.
Humbleness and humility are among 
His Attributes.

God’s way calls for obedience from each child He adopts.
Loving Him and praising Him will go hand in hand.

God’s way calls for strength, fortitude, determination,
and courage. Has He given you a little light? Then
let it shine forth so others will see it and come 
to warm their souls within its glow.

Pass on to the world the Love of the Father, the Son and
the Holy Spirit.

Help others come to a Godly decision before they pass on.
How many people will you know in Heaven that got there
because of something you said?

The angels are a-cheering. Jesus is laughing because of the
disciples who left hearth and home to save the many 
faithful who will surround His Heavenly Throne.

Don’t give up. The fields are ripe for the harvest, the 
workers are few, but determined to save the Godly
who will do as God says to do.

Never doubt what the power of God can do. Life without
Him is the worst hurt you can imagine and I, for one,
do not wish to be left behind again.

I have sinned. Yet, I wish to begin a life with The Spirit to 
guide me towards a life with Jesus as my example that 
I may dwell where angels dwell and tell My Lord 
and Savior that I am glad that He once came.

For without His Sacrifice, I would have ended up in Hell.


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