God Will Always Be There

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I looked outside and what did I see

A ray of sunshine looking back at me

There were birds on a tree singing a song

And at that very moment I was glad I came along


Suddenly from out of nowhere a warm breeze caressed my brow

I knew in my heart that God had been there to bless me somehow

Just then my cat jumped in my lap and went to sleep

I didn’t want to open my mouth not even a peep


So far my day was turning out just fine

I felt that God had made this day to be truly mine

God has a way of letting you know

He is there with you all the time and he loves you so


Believe in the Lord and he will guide you through

Even when you want to try something new

Ask and you will receive the bible tells you

And I do believe this to be true


Make sure you thank him for all the goodness you get

And if you don’t get your answers right away

God chooses when and where and what time of day

You will get what you want in his time they say



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