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Good & Bad

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So i feel like i have a bad and evil side that wants to come out, (meaning not being obedeint on my walk with God), and a good side that wants to come out.

Okay, what i mean is at times, (like now as i pour a grapefruit ad tequila), i want to be both good and bad. I know this seems like nothing but this is how the enemy starts getting to me and messing with my relationship with Him, (and my life).

It is very hard to resist. My flesh says "YES"! while my mind says "no". Often times i win, but like everyone else often times i dont win. (Though little battles some, they are big ways actually for the enemy to do battle with me). Hence, the struggle a christian finds themselves in.

Through no fault of God`s but our very own we take our focus off Jesus and focus instead on what feels good, not necessarily what IS good.

Needless to say, even as i write or vent, or whatever it is i am doing i am thoroughly enjoying my tequila. (ok, im not really, i just wanted a drink really bad).

No, it`s not bad, i can drink. Least that is my belief. It`s just knowing how he (the enemy) works, and i don`t like giving in.

I do not wish a life without the Father. But the world and all it`s pleasures are very pleasing to one`s flesh. Very hard battle we do to walk with the Father at times.


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