A Good Example

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I was driving my daughter to the local corner store when out of the blue she says, “Mom, you look pretty when you drive.” I immediately sat up, straightening the hunch in my back that I had earned during my long stressful day at work. “Uhh, thanks Hunny.” It was a very sweet observation but it took me by complete surprise. It really made me think about how much my daughters really pay attention to my every mood, move, and reaction to everyday life.

So how do we set a constant, half way decent, example for our children? Day after stressful day, most parents have good intentions on taking a little time for themselves, to renew and rejuvenate. Often I believe Americans as a whole are overworked, stressed to the max, and have way too many things on their plates. As we try to be everything and get everything we sometimes forget to stop and just enjoy what we already have. A chance to set a good example for our youth.

I would love to hear about how all you men and women find time to relax and renew. Please share with me your suggestions on your favorite spots or techniques. Whether it is a day at the spa or an hour in your tub, I would love to hear from you. Life is short, live it up? Time is precious and should be treated so? I want your opinion.

L. Christe


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