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 The most awkward moments … well ask this question to anyone on planet POPULATED and you’d surely have one goodbye story—like the time you wanted to burst loud with words…but you bursted out with tears instead … or you had so much to say that all this while when you could have said something substantial in life—you just kept smiling … and who understands that that smile was piercing you deep inside.

I know of people who say goodbye like they are throwing tomatoes at you—my dad tops the charts … because he can’t express that it hurts when I leave home—but with time humans develop instincts … so of course I understand NOW—how much he misses me.

And then there are few who are so Happy to bid adieu … like my brother who loves dropping me because he would get all the attention thereafter:D …

And then there are the ones—Id proudly call the goodbye clowns—they just come to add a tag of the herd that formed the goodbye club—you know people you’d surely know you’d never bother or care to meet in life—but wonder … why are they here—I’ve got no business with them—well that’s RUDE but that’s how a HUMAN thinks …

And then some goodbyes top the charts—

Talk of the best goodbye from a film—well I have always loved “When Harry Met Sally”, there’s a MEET after every goodbye in the film.

Some rules—never propose on a goodbye eve—it will and has always lead to blunders … only REEL life looks and sounds perfect for that—

What always works … a smile and some words … as minimum as possible and a wish that your family, friends, loved ones will always come back to you—!!

In the end …  some goodbyes are worth it … like having a friend who’d bother to call you from the LONDON bridge ;)—or spending an entire day with your dearest ones just eating, laughing, and bursting out!!


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