Growing Up ... Beyond an Adult: Part I

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What does it mean to be an adult?
When I was young, all I wanted to do was be a grownup. But once I reached the age of twenty-eight, the age my father was when I was born, I looked back at how I viewed his words and what I thought he understood when he was my age. I found that my premise that he was all-knowing, basically the God of my world, was in fact WRONG. This applies to every authority, we assume they know more than we do. If you have allowed all that you learned at that young age to continue on into your present world view without challenge you have dismissed your opportunity to come to your own understanding about things. You are your own authority and giving away that power is what it means to be an adult in today’s society. Growing beyond an “Adult” means taking the time to investigate things that you don’t know firsthand and becoming your own authority. Coming to trust your intuition is the most valuable tool you could ever cultivate. Like a muscle, you must take the time to strengthen it, without use it falls away and withers just like a muscle would.

Without intuition you are blind, because you’ll have no way of knowing if what you are being told is truth or lie. Every master that ever lived taught: Love is all there is. Everything else is a illusion, a lie. We live in a sea of lies on this planet. It takes great strength of character to remain sane in this world and see it for what it is. But application of a few simple rules helps ease the journey. Ask yourself is it loving? Is it kind? Is this something I’d want for my mother? My father? Grandmother? Grandfather? Child? Grandchild? Thinking these things even when it happens to someone you don’ t know is an important exercise for building a true understanding of events and knowing what is true for you. The second key is to step out of the controlled media. There is only one way that I know of to come to an understanding of how detrimental TV is to our minds: stop watching it for three to six months. When you return you may find as I did that TV didn’t hold any interest for you. We are being indoctrinated to TV at younger and younger ages, do you know what life is like without the TV? Some have become so dependent upon our TVs that they can’t be in a room without a TV on at all times. They need the “background noise.” WHAT FOR? To keep your mind cluttered? Many people on this planet have no understanding of what peace of mind is. Or what it is like to sit in a quiet room all alone in silence.

Those that came before made decisions on our behalf. Those decisions boil down to a core principle: human nature cannot be trusted, it must be controlled. They have decided that human nature is inherently evil when left to its own devices. Look at the Lord of the Flies, the first attempt to implant this idea in our minds, it is required reading at most schools. My own investigations into the matter have turned up quite different results. While we act insane when we come from a state of mind that we call anger, hate, jealous, revenge, this is not our nature. The powers that be have designed a system to call forth these states of mind. HELLO IS ANYBODY LISTENING. They do this because these states of mind have conditioned responses that “they” understand. And the root of all these debased states of mind is fear. In the state of fear we are easily controlled.

I’ve found that we are not evil, and even the most callous person can be turned to softy around their children. This shows me that we are “softies” at the core, good, loving, caring is our human nature, but these qualities can be overshadowed by fear. Fear that being a “softy” somehow makes us vulnerable. And this state of fear that produces the “bad” states of mind that are artificially kept alive via our media, showing us all the worst in humans and parading it as the norm. How do we get out of this horrible trap of fear? One is to take an active interest in looking for the good in humanity. Find a master’s teachings, doesn’t matter who; Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or any other enlightened master and read their message uninterrupted, and come to your own conclusions. And remember, the messages where not written down by the master and many times those that wrote it down didn’t even meet the masters, so if the message is not in line with love, it is not truth. That is the benefit of reading as many of the master as you can find. I found the ideas that coincide with each other, those that where all in line. Then we have to be willing to be wrong. I believe God is always trying to break through this veil of lies, trying to show us the errors of our ways, so really we only need to pay attention to what is going on around us and stop assuming that we understand the current situation because of a past information that we have. God has many tools to speak to us, but we are convinced that we already understand! Our minds are wonderful devices, but they are pattern oriented, and the powers that be have done their best to plant ideas, patterns for life to explain every situation in their manner. They do this through our movies, sit-coms, talk shows, news programs, and newspapers. They do this to blind us from what is really going on around us.

Becoming an adult means you’ve accepted this programming. I believe by the age of thirty-three you will either have given up and accepted the programming, committed suicide, or become an outsider, one who doesn’t’ t fit in society. I fall in the last group, and it is the most difficult path imaginable as you watch your friends succumb to the programming. They become boring. They go to work, come home watch TV, and do it all over again. Many need to drink to enjoy this type of life, and is it any wonder why? They become uncomfortable when I speak of living your dreams, for they have given up their dreams. I will not give up. Society’s way of making your dreams come true doesn’t t work, but failure is only realized when you give up. I didn’t give up and God has shown me the way to make it happen. Another way, with his/her/its help. What a comfort to know that we are not alone and in fact we all have access to divine guidance … all the time.


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