Growing Up ... Beyond an Adult: Part II

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Intuition is Our Guide
Intuition is nothing more or less than listening to your feelings and that knowing that comes to us all. It is divine guidance. But you must be clear, most of us are in denial of our true feelings. Dig deep to find out what is true for you. This is the only way to find your truth. We condemn our feelings and ignore our knowing, saying they can’t be right because it goes against what we “know” is true. But truly the knowing that comes to us in the moment is the truth, and what we “knew” before is the lie. We must be willing to change our minds. It is time we realized that we don’t know everything and become receptive to alternative ways of looking at things. God’s way of looking at things.

A simple exercise taught me that just by staying alert I would learn. I had a pellet gun as a child and shot a robin from my bedroom window. I ran out to see it and it was still alive. The feeling that welled up inside me brought tears to my eyes, I had brought pain to this poor creature that had done nothing to me. Oh, the pain, I felt it through and through, my head felt like it was swimming. I knew what I had done was wrong. Seeing no alternative, I stepped on its head to bring an end to its suffering and mine. I had no one around me to shame me for being “soft.” This I think was the difference, my father wasn’t an avid hunter, though he would hunt, I had never gone. My intuition told me the only way you continue to kill was through outside influence encouraging us ignore these feelings and cover them up, because I knew the truth: KILLING IS WRONG. I had an exclamation point to this experience, years later I met a young woman, she had lived a rough life, living “on the other side of the tracks.” I was never one to judge on such, and she was cute and we started seeing each other. Then it happened: driving down the road she told me she had killed before, in a gang, and in fact was still a member of that gang. She was proud of this fact. My head swam, worse than before, it was difficult to keep the car on the road as these feelings told me without a doubt that this feeling that she had and seemed to relish was the same feeling that I had interpreted as “not something I want to feel.”

I think people have become confused with this rush of feeling and in this backwards world have interpreted good as bad and bad as good. The main tool to perpetuate this confusion is through appealing to our logical mind, we label people as if such a complex creature as a human being can be described in such simple terms as “terrorist.” Muslims in their own land don’t see themselves as terrorist but rather the only means they have to combat our continued meddling in their affairs. What other option do they have? I’m struck by the anti-abortion ads I see on the road “Children our gifts from God” and I wish I could add what I feel the rest of their message is: “Unless they are Muslim” for how else could we continue to bomb God’s children? The insanity that we display is apparent when we apply the morals that we have laid out as good for ourselves to the rest of the world. Why shouldn’t they enjoy a life free from our intervention? Your logically mind might be screaming 9/11! 9/11! We have killed over four million in Iraq alone. When is enough, enough? When will we understand that simple adage violence always begets more violence? It is a natural law that we are ignoring, to our own demise.

A Movie to Help Wake You Up: Groundhog Day
This movie has a simple premise, live the same day over and over again until you get it right. What a great message for the people out there. It doesn’t matter what you do on this earth, for God really doesn’t care what you do, there is another side to this equation that is explained very well in this movie. Though you can do whatever you want, you also won’t get anywhere until you reawaken to what matters in life. Phil Conners (Bill Murray) is completely shallow and devoid of care for his fellow humans at the beginning of the movie. And after doing everything he every dreamed of doing, but would not have for fear of getting caught, he finds his life empty and attempts to kill himself in every imaginable way. Each time he kills himself he awakens in bed to find himself still alive and nothing has changed.

Then he finds something he can’t have, no matter how hard he tries. Rita, his producer, is a beautiful young woman that cannot be had by trickery. Phil’s device for getting other woman is to find out intimate information and use it to make them fall in love with him, but Rita will not be had. Each time he slips in his act and she catches it and sees him for what he is, shallow. Instead of giving up he changes, he changes to be with her. He begins to grow as a person, he looks for things that matter to him, he learns to play the piano, and begins to look for how he can help his fellow human being. Then the object of his desire falls into his lap.

As we begin to wake up there is much that we will find fault in ourselves, that we have been doing wrong. If we believe in a condemning God, this can be very painful and even scary if you believe in Hell. Look for the truth within your own religion and notice this conflicting idea: God is All Powerful, yet things are out of control. Things are not out of control, we will survive, but wouldn’t it be nice to do more than survive? That is what I want from life, I’m done just “surviving.” If surviving was hard I would have been dead along time ago, along with many other people that I know, for we seemed to be on a mission to destroy ourselves with our behavior. To our surprise we continue on, and instead of learning this valuable lesson, that survival is assured, we continue to believe as we did and consider ourselves lucky. What if “lucky” is our natural state of being and only by denying it can it be taken from us? 

Everything is happening in perfect order, God is all Powerful, yet he has given us free will, divine guidance (intuition) and a world to play. It is up to us what we do with these gifts, and so far we have given them away, denied them. We must learn to trust God again. Until we understand what free will means and understand the power of our mind to bring to us what we think about, we will continue to suffer at our own hands, not God’s. God wants nothing but goodness for us, but loves us so much to allow us complete free will. Free will has no meaning if we are condemned for doing as we wish. Then it is not long free, but controlled. We have been convinced that we have free will, with limitations. It doesn’t make sense. Free yourself and know yourself to be a good person. Then you need no outside authority to direct your life. And you’ve grown beyond being an “Adult.”


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