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Hallmark Days

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I’ve just finished reading an article about pumpkin pie that brings to the surface feelings of warmth, reminding me of those little things that mean so much, so much so it makes for hallmark day.

You would think hallmark days would consist of a mink coat, knowing that the new car smell is coming home with you, a trip to a desired destination, possibly a pair of new shoes … granted those days can be joyfully remembered and the experiences may bring a rush of momentary happiness,’ but when I actually begin to think on what makes for a hallmark day, I begin to think of little things, such as the time spent with a loved one laughing about absolute silliness, seeing someone’s face as a dawning realization rises to the surface that you really genuinely care, the sound of the ocean’s surf, the wind rustling through the trees, the smell of freshly mowed grass, a cup of steaming coffee as you watch the morning sunlight streaming through your windows.

When I think back on the loveliness of my warmest memories and the joys that accompany them, my hallmark days encompass the little things that may be completely overlooked by others. Little things grand enough to evoke feelings that are unseen but felt at the very core of your being.


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