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Happiness 101: Bounce Back

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There are many reasons why at some points in your life you feel sad, depressed, faithless, and trapped. Most of these situations are self-created. Most of these feelings are self-inflicted. Do you remember that first scary ride on your brand new bike? How many times did you fall? How many bruises witnessed your uncountable tries? What did you do then? You got back up, grabbed the wheel, and kept trying until one bright morning you became the master. Where is the spirit of that child now? It usually happens that we lose him along the way, as we grow up and start forgetting.

As adults, we let ourselves go into the waters of drama, doubts, indecisions, missed steps, and lost opportunities. What is worse, we let others, for the sake of love, friendship or a sense of responsibility, carry us to wrong turns and paths we would have not taken on our own. Let’s see some of those unpleasant scenarios we encounter every day.

You didn’t get the job you’ve been dreaming for. In times of apparent crisis like this, it is critical to have a job to support ourselves and our family. So being unemployed or not getting that dream job could make us feel desperate and lost. Did you use all your resources and put all your talents on the table? Did you show the attitude of a winner? Did you trust yourself? If you did and still didn’t get it, is this the end of the tunnel, of course not. If a door closes, a hundred will open for you. You’ll never be driven to a place you don’t belong to. If you’re in one of those places where you feel uncomfortable and unhappy then it is time to get out, bounce, and look for what really ignites your passion.

You just broke up with the love of your life. Are you sure this was in fact that love? Is there only one love? Breakups hurt because instead of getting attached to the feeling that love is, you get attached to the person that provoke it. When that person is gone, then love is gone. Is it really? Instead of drowning in the waters of emptiness and loneliness, celebrate and be grateful for the time shared and the blessing that it was to be capable of feeling the wonders of love. You’ll be fine and at the right moment a new and better love will be knocking at your door.

Like these situations there are many others; our children leaving our nest, people minding our business all the time, women being abused, broken families, and times of war and distressed that affect humanity as a whole. Take a look around you and you’ll find too many reasons attempting against our sanity and spiritual balance.

In times like this bouncing back could be a very useful resource. In life, happiness is found in many ways but this has proven to be a valuable skill that would help you find your grounding center and true purpose. Each bounce makes you stronger, better, and closer to your true self. Each bounce gives you the tools you need to succeed, find ways to be creative, walk new roads and find new venues to live fully and unleash the powerful and divine self you are.

Better yet, when feeling out of control, observe the situation, observe your feelings, observe your behavior. Observe whatever is happening neutrally, without internal comment, or judgment, or taking a position on it. Then you’ll be prepared to come back, full throttle, and embrace all the wonderful things life have to offer.

To all of you out there, happy bouncing living!


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