Have You Set Your Intention for Your Trip Called Life?

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In The Red Book, A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark, author Sera Berk says, “Your intention is the energy, the electric charge, the awareness that you bring to every aspect of your life. It’s the force that lies behind everything you do … Your intention helps create the pathway to your experience.” She then suggests that readers use their intention in a way that “helps you give more conscious direction and divine spark to life’s ordinary and extraordinary moments.”

When it’s all said and done, “setting your intention” is just another way for stating what you want to see occur in your life or in a given situation. You don’t get in your car and drive aimlessly, hoping to get somewhere. Usually you know where you want to go and your preferred route to get there. In the course of your trip, traffic or a closed road may force you to take a detour, but you eventually end up where you “intended” to go.

It’s curious that we don’t consciously set intentions in our lives or in our businesses. It’s even more amazing that although we don’t declare our destination (what we want to occur in our lives or businesses), we are confused and disappointed when we don’t achieve happiness or prosperity. Setting your intention is critical to mapping out a plan about how to achieve your personal or career goal.

Bear in mind, though, that when you set your intention, it may shatter some illusions. Setting your intention may expose the fallacy of your desire. You may be compelled to confront the notion that what you wanted is no longer a good fit. Let’s continue with the trip scenario. You intended to go to a particular place and you got there without any problems. However, upon your arrival, you find the store closed, the meeting cancelled, or a blind date, who’s older, fatter, and balder than his online photo.

What do you do now? You simply say thank you for the lesson and create a new intention—one that resonates with who you are now, with what you know now and with what you REALLY want … now.

Let me be clear: you’ve got to do more than set an intention to have the life and business that you’d like. You’ve also got to create a plan and then take steps toward your goal. As the Bible says, “So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead” (James 2:17), which boils down to prayer alone is not enough.

Setting your intention is about taking responsibility for your life. It means that you’ve clearly outlined what you want to create for yourself and/or business in a given day, week, month, quarter or year. Certainly, you’ve got to be flexible to new information and to new opportunities and to changing circumstances. However, not setting your intention is similar to rolling the dice and hoping it all works. Not bloody likely. You can’t set a course without a destination, and you can’t get to your stated destination without a course. You see, having an intention and a proposed plan are inextricably linked to you achieving emotional, physical, or financial success.




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