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Heal Your Soul with Emotional Support to Attract Your Heart’s Desires

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There are two parts of you—an ego and your soul.

The ego is the false you, a mask constructed to help get your emotional needs met. Based on feedback from other egos, you create a persona that is likeable and acceptable to others.

Your soul is your true essence, and this part of you is unlimited, original, and eternal. Your soul is here to express itself and to shine brightly and radiantly, despite what other egos might think. 

As we march into 2008, which holds the promise of every great thing, you are at a choice point. 

How do you choose which path to take … the lower, boring, mediocre road or the higher, exciting, and divine road?

Perhaps you reflect back over your life and realize how much more happiness, success, love, and peace you could have experienced if you had thought or acted with a higher consciousness.

Maybe you look ahead and have big dreams that you secretly wish to accomplish but find that little devil called doubt creeping in much too often, and find yourself right back into “default mode.” 

Maybe you have awoken to the fact that whenever you settle for less than your heart’s desires, it doesn’t work out anyway. 

And maybe just maybe, you finally realize that it will never work because it is not what is meant for you. 

I know what it is like … I was stumbling and struggling along for years, just barely making it by financially and emotionally. I was low on the resources of love and money. When I started learning my lessons, taking notice, becoming self-aware, I began to trust myself and the universe to truly take care of me. When I began to trust, I began to let go of the steering wheel, and allow myself to enjoy the ride, putting God in charge of my destination.

After literally bumping my head several times in dangerous car accidents, a few broken hearts, and a starving bank account, I decided it was time to wake up from the trance and start enjoying the dance!

So here’s the Truth as I know it.

You are encoded for greatness, and by accepting less than your heart’s desires, you are not living up to your fullest potential. 

Now is the time to make a lasting change in your consciousness. You can choose to create a new life with better and happier outcomes. 

However, if you are divided in your heart or worse yet, an Ego is in charge, this year (and every year henceforth) will turn out much like the last year, disappointing.

ACIM teaches that the ego fears change because it associates it with death/annihilation. 

So what is your soul to do?
Your inner self thrives on learning, change, and growth. 

I challenge you to reach out and ask for assistance in your personal evolution. There are many amazingly gifted professionals in the field of emotional healing—try a new modality. See a reiki master, yoga teacher, resonance-repatterning practitioner, or personal coach and begin to shift your consciousness, grow your soul, and attract more happiness and success.


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