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A Healing / Dialoguer and Her Inviting Home

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I am so lucky to have been introduced to an all around, wonderful woman. I feel this way because she is honest, and friendly, and wise, and funny, and smart. And she’s willing to share all she’s learned along her path in life, with me. She is a reflexologist, but she refers to herself as a “dialoguer.”

When you climb up the stairs to her front porch, you walk through a blue streamer, smack in the middle, with several plastic strands hanging. It’s the coolest thing. You have to walk through it to get to the door. Once inside her home, the scent of calming incense strikes you immediately. Sometimes her husband is sitting in the parlor in his overstuffed chair, feet up on the hassock, reading whatever he’s chosen for the day. There’s a beautiful tapestry couch from Italy that looks like it’s from a different period of time .I always take a few minutes to talk with him and savor the sound of a voice from India. All words spoken in a soft, tranquil voice. He is very tall, with long dark hair in a pony tail, a slender face, and deep dark eyes. I always enjoy our chats and I believe he does, too.

Their home cries out, “There is no empty corner, or a shelf with room to spare”, but, in no way does it feel cluttered. It is inspiring, with all the different trinkets and plants and paintings. Hanging tapestries and bells waiting to be rung. Incense burners and different colored candles and little boxes that open, but hold nothing. And I’d guess there may be two thousand books that also inhabit their home. A world of knowledge, of all types of philosophies and opinions. A mirage of words stemming from Edgar Cayce to The Fairy Princess. Edgar Allan Poe, to DVD’s of the whole series of Seinfeld!

As soon as I walk through the door, I can feel the warmth. My body releases the stresses, and leaves them at the door. The energy is undeniably serene. Serene because of the quiet, and the heat, and the good vibrations. I wish I had time to look at every object of art. Every painting. Bright and uplifting, painted by this wonderful woman herself. Every knicknack. Elephants from India, soapstone art, and Buddhas of different shapes and sizes. Every wind chime or mobile. From all over the world. I wish I had the conviction to read every one of those books. I’m telling you, the library borrows from this woman.

There is a table in the foyer with a Zen garden, and strands of little white lights, that never go to sleep. This is followed through in the living room as well. Their dining room is the center of their living space. It’s big and square and has a huge table, for friends and family. There are beautiful light wood chairs. Their tops are rounded and inviting. On the table there is a colorful table cloth that beckons you to gather around and have a nice meal, or a cup of coffee. There’s an area for the grandkids to color and paint. Or anyone who wants to, for that matter. Beautiful, healthy green plants flock the windows. Mostly different types of green ferns, and ivies, and a beautiful bird of paradise. When my chat is done, I walk up 2 flights of stairs to the room we do the reflexology massage.

I go in, get ready, and I hear, “Are you ready in there?” “Yup.” As soon as I lie on the table, I feel calmer. I always let out a sigh of relief. And in she comes. I now know I am going to feel better. I can feel her energy. What does energy feel like? A warmth in your stomach, a release of any worry, a tingling down your spine as soon as she enters the room, a calmness that wasn’t felt before. There is a mystical, magical beauty to her face like none I’ve ever seen. Her skin looks so soft, and her lipstick is such a pale color pink. She has beautiful dark hair that shapes her face. I never tire of looking at her. And we can look straight into each other’s eyes, there lies only truth between us. She is so kind, and has given me four beautiful silk outfits from India. She visits there often, and I can only imagine the beauty she sees. Two of these outfits are purple, tunic style, with pants that are tapered, and tight at the bottom. Another one is a burnt orange with a black design and almost a leopard pattern around the neck and arms. The other is black and white and red, and all vibrant colors running through. They were all hand sewn, and one of them my woman friend wore in Bombay. I wore it to Philadelphia! From Bombay to New Jersey to Philadelphia.

Most of the time, we talk through half of the hour long massage (that always runs over!) And I absorb the massage the other half. The wisdom that I hear from her silky smooth, soothing voice, is energizing, and helping me move forward in my life. It helps keep me balanced and aware and focused. Between the talks, some wonderful stories, and the massage, I feel strong. I feel like I can calmly handle any situation that comes my way. That’s a big difference from nine months ago when I was having physical problems. My nerves were frazzled, and all three kids were teenagers, and I was depressed. And not the depressed you get while watching a sad movie. The kind of depressed where you don’t get out of bed except when you absolutely have to. And let’s see, malnourished, and dehydrated. Now, I am writing this, I am hopeful, and I am excited about life. And I still have 3 teenagers! Only our relationships have improved, and softened. My physical problems have improved immensely. I strive to be calm, clear headed, and capable of handling life’s little tricks. Fifty years of stress has broken me down, and now, I want to stand back up, and be firm. That’s my goal. I’m progressing. With the help of one of the dearest woman I know. Thank you, Miss Dialoguer!


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