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Healing Pain

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My life has fallen asleep and my soul
deadened to any feeling.
Way too long I left it that way,
undisturbed, heavy with the weight of
of your abuse, unimaginable.

Now years later I feel the prickly sharp pains
and realize that I am waking up and my soul
struggles to stand on its own again.
This needle like pain in my being is hard to
bear … until I realize that
all I need to do is move, just move,
emotionally and physically to make the pain
go away. 

The longer my soul remained
unmoved, the harder to stand, like
any other body part that is denied
circulation. You must always keep moving
no matter what direction, to avoid the painful numbness that will deaden
your life. 

I now rejoice in my
prickly pain and see it as proof that I am
alive and will feel again,


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