Heart Warming

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At last, the weather is turning and the sun and all of its charming glory has made an appearance—a promising appearance. For months on end I have longed for wine and book reading in London’s perfect parks with handsome man ‘o mine, basking in the sunshine, and reeking of grass stains and summer happiness. All of Britain becomes tiny ants emerging from their grand mounds, emerging from the darkness and into the light. Away with the heaviness of wool blends and hairy jumpers and in with neatly painted toes and hats to hide our cheeks and noses from the elements.

Afternoon walks consist of countryside of golden perfection for miles, my eyes squinting at its brilliance. It is hard to believe something so pleasing to sight can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. The childish spirit within gets the better of us and running amongst the yellow, handstands in full and laughing until we are breathless is a priority. No such act of regret follows whilst toting a handkerchief for nose blotting the following day. It was well worth every ounce of merriment.

And, while England has its charms this time of year, I am reminded of all I miss in southern Mississippi during the summer months. I imagine iced tea brewing in the back yard sunshine and the pong of swimming pool and chlorine contaminating the once unmarked air. Sizzling grills with overpriced beef despite the semi-vegetarian lifestyle I now lead. I pine for the clatter of water dripping from hanging baskets filled with heaping ferns and flowers that my mother cares for using careful attentive hands. The bright colors of butterflies, the hard summer rain and listening from my parents’ front porch swings as it pelts the saturated earth—knowing fully that soon another family member is sure to join, with conversations of how the earth “sure did need this rain.” Southern accents. How my brother can pronounce the word, ‘ice’ using not one but three syllables. Today, I yearn to greet my father as he returns home from a day of fishing on the river, gleaming with delight at the fish he caught and seeing his excitement as he prepares dinner for our family. Yet 5,000+ miles and an ocean between us makes that impossible.

For now I bask in the English sunshine and a warmth of memories within my heart.


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