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Hello Christians, Where Are You?

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Everywhere you go in America there are ads speaking against us Christians. Gay rights, abortion, Islam. The Children of God are against these. 

We believe in not killing babies and worshiping God, and males and females marrying. 

However, recently we have been quiet. Why? I know we have had a big turn in history and we have slammed all gays and abortionists. Now, it seems like Christians have been sucked into the culture and let others break us down.

I have a note of encouragement to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. Don’t let them hurt you. God is with you all the time. He’s still here and always will be. All the TV commercials and all the movies and all the New Agers will try and try and try to make you scared in your faith. Don’t let them. Speak against them with kindness and joy and love because you have been given that by your Savior.

To the world that does not believe in Jesus, I am very sorry if this offends you. But my life is devoted to giving glory to God and preaching his words. I am not here to hurt you; I am here to tell you the gracious truth.


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