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Help! I Don’t Know How to Tweet!

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It’s really embarrassing to admit but really I don’t have any idea about this “Tweet” thing. Although I know that it existed for sometime now. Miley Cyrus just bid farewell to it recently. Almost all people have already accounts of it. But I don’t have it and I don’t know how to start it. Probably because I’m always outdated. As a natural introvert, I always don’t care what is the present happening in the world.

My social life just involves with my sister and some small number of friend. Having a “tweet” doesn’t really matter to me that much. It’s just that, as an inspiring writer, I think it’s important for me to be always on the know all the time. And this “tweet” thing is very common now. Is it really cool? Does it really help you to become updated? Is it easy to start with? These are some of the questions that were in my mind. Because every time I open an internet, I always read this.

I am wondering if at least there’s one who will notice this and give me advice because I’m not even sure this article makes sense to anybody. Heheheh! All I know is that I just want to let out my feelings presently.


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