Helpful Mothers

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Finals were always a very stressful time for me when I was in college, but my mother always made them easier. Even being so far away, she knew how I was feeling and just the way to make me feel better. Samples. I’m not talking about the perfume, makeup, or moisturizing samples you get at the mall. I’m talking Young Rembrandt samples.

Every semester around finals time, I would receive a giant package in the mail. The packet contained markers, colored pencils, and a stack of my mother’s recent lesson for the children in her Young Rembrandt classes. These samples would usually sit around my room until I needed a break from studying, had an emotional upset, or was looking for a stress reliever.

It wasn’t technically or scientifically spot-on as being art therapy. However, the creative outlet of coloring relieved me of so much stress, whether I was aware of or not it helped so much.

Incidentally, CNN had this great video on a mother’s discovery of art therapy for her own children and then her contribution to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.


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