Here's to South Africa's Oscar Pistorius in Olympics

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It was a very touching and memorable moment in time when double amputee Oscar Pistorius ran the 400 meters in the London 2012 Olympics. He ran that event was such dedication, passion, and love.

Oscar's legs were amputated when he was just a baby due to a birth defect. He believed he could do anything every other person could do, and he can. Oscar didn't see himself as different than anyone else. His spirit was full of life, and he believed he was capable of accomplishing whatever he set out to do.

It would have been easy for Oscar to wallow in self pity, tearing his spirit down and making himself feel sorry for the circumstances that he was dealt in life. But self-pity never entered his mind. He ran that Olympic race with the same confident and inspiring spirit of every other person on the team.

Life, unfortunately, is not always a walk in the park. It would be nice if that's how life was for us each and every day, but that is not the cards we are dealt when we are born into this life.

Life is full of challenges, hardships and adversities. We all feel pain and despair along with happiness, love and joy. But when we allow self-pity to reign in our lives, we lose our healthy spirits and can be plunged into a web of hopelessness and depression that we feel may never lift. It's so important in life to keep our souls happy and healthy.

And, so it is when someone we love dies. It's such a devastating loss and so personal to each of us. It's very easy to become extremely sad and depressed. We feel that life will never be the same, and we will never get over this.

Grief and bereavement are so unique to each person. Each person will experience this differently. A once familiar life we used to lead has changed forever and completely for us. That person we loved is no longer there. Facing this is extremely hard and very challenging.

However, if we realize that our deceased loved ones are still with us, still supporting us, and still gazing at us with eyes filled with love, it can help us to move past our grief and move forward with our lives.

It's so important not to lose our spirits and our hearts when a loved one dies. It may feel like our hearts are actually broken, and the pain may be so intense that we don't know how we will ever move past it. Death is a mystery that is usually feared for the devastation it leaves in the lives left behind.

But if we know that our loved ones want us to be happy and want us to go on while they are right here beside us, it can help us to move forward with a spirit full of the courage and determination that Oscar Pistorius used in his Olympic run.

Our loved ones reside in our hearts, and when we know they are still with us, we can journey on with spirits that will lift us up to the beauty of life and unending love and not pull us down into darkness. May all of us who have lost loved ones be consoled with the fact that death doesn't destroy love. It can't.


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