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A Higher Power

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I do believe in a much higher infinite power. Trusting in that higher power and never giving up. I would like to share as far back as just three short years ago. My husband passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack at the young age of thirty-eight. Our two children are now sixteen and thirteen. It was a very difficult time, and we became closer than ever.

Although three years has passed, it is still very fresh, but we have moved on with our lives and become much stronger as a family.

They know mom's old saying: Never give up and always believe in your higher power to get through the rough patches in life.

In the beginning of February of this year, we learned that their dear grandmother had passed away. She had battled Alzheimer's for almost ten years. This magnificent and lovely woman smiled every time we visited her and was a very positive influence in our lives. She had such a beautiful skip in her step, and we learned so much from her.

Just as we were accepting the thought of her passing, I didn't have a very good feeling about my deceased husband's father and this dreadful thought entered. Within three weeks of the loss of the grandmother, I get the call and my intuition was once again in line with something not being quiet right. 

So, as I thought, he too passed on February 24, and just like his son, unexpectedly of a heart attack.

I thought, how am I going to tell the kids this time? I know life throws us curve balls, but could it please slow down for just a moment?

I decided to wait and let them get in the door from school and then tell them. That was the longest day ever!

As the time approached, I became very nervous and meditated on my higher power to give me the strength I needed to tell them in a very calm, soft voice. I would then offer my support and love to them and be on standby.

Soon they knew, and as we cried and hugged one another, a peacefulness filled the room. As the day went on we prepared for our trip to Ohio. Thank goodness it was only a few hours away, and we could reunite with their aunts and give them the support they needed.

It was the most beautiful time we shared with them in the midst of our grieving. Their grandfather loved making home movies. So we began watching home videos and looking at pictures, which really helped. There was so much laughing, crying, back to joy then sadness. Mainly we were all together. I was now ready to accept my husband's father was finally reunited with his son on a much deeper and loving level. It was very hard for him when he lost his son, and now he is there with him.

The whole point I would like to make, is to believe in that higher power, because life is beautiful, even in the midst of our sorrows and difficulties.

Sticking together with our families, believing in a much higher power, and a loving God, is what will get us through anything. I mean anything!

I am living proof, along with so many others I have never met. I hope this article gives hope to those grieving the loss of a loved one. We all have gone through some pretty rough times in life, especially last month for our family. To help my beautiful kids, we have some very special pictures on the refrigerator of our dear loved ones during some great times. It helps us to keep them alive and as always, their spirits will live on through us forever! So go for the gusto! Make the biggest family memories you possibly can until one day when we are reunited with our loved ones.


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