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His eyes sparkle and dance
Dance like the reflection of the sun upon the waters
Dance like the sun dances with the moon in orbit
Dance likes the waves of the sea dance with the shore
Dance like the eyes of a child on Christmas morn.

These are the eyes of flaming fire.
These are the eyes that see behind the mask of a modern day Pharisee.
He knows the truth of all I desperately hide
Hide from others … and from myself as well.
Still His eyes dance when I—like a scared child—dare to meet His gaze
Nothing can I hide from His eyes, from His nail scarred hands and bloodied side
and nothing do I need to.

When I finally stop long enough to catch His waiting gaze
His smile bursts forth like the dawning sun as it chases all darkness away.
His teeth are whiter than sunlight as it bounces off the newly fallen snow
and they are more beautiful than the most valuable of pearls.

As I dare to look into those piercing, most penetrating eyes
I find neither shame nor disappointment.
Rather His laughter rings forth like the carillon of bells;
His voice is more beautiful than any song ever sung,
More beautiful than any symphony ever composed,
Gentle as a babbling brook but more powerful than thundering falls of water.
His love is stronger than death and the grave;
and more passionate than an unquenchable flame.



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