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Holding onto Paradise

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Having just returned from a dream vacation in Punta Cana with the family, I am riding a wonderful high. Being the first vacation since I was 15 (22 wild years ago!) I was in a state of pure bliss for the entire trip.

Nothing could ruin my joy; no children’s attitudes, husband’s rants or digestive issues were going to take away this new found feeling.

It was the type of joy that flows through your entire body, heightens your senses and engulfs you spirit.

Every morning I woke up to walk on the beach in solitude, to reflect on how lucky I was to be here in this moment. With each step tears of joy swelled in my eyes (those who know me are used to these emotional displays!) the gratitude that filled my heart was overwhelming.

Sadly the trip is over, now what? I am left with photos, some funny stories and my memories which are vivid and deep. But it’s the state of bliss I don’t want to lose. Can the day to day grind at home possibly provide me with that feeling?

I am truly grateful for the gift I brought back from this trip; even better than the wood mask, the hot tan or the jewelry my husband haggled for.

The gift was a reminder that if I really look paradise is all around me…

There are no more palm trees; but I now see the garden I created and every new bloom.

My feet no longer touch the warm white sand instead I walk on lush green grass and stone.

No more watching my children swim and laugh in the waves, I will now watch them learn and grow.

Paradise has a way of helping you feel sexy and beautiful; I now feel the same way doing the laundry and grocery shopping!

Here’s to the moments in which we are truly engaged and aware; those moments that bring paradise to our everyday living.


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