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Hooray to All of the Pollyannas!

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I thought immaturity lasted only so long, but I have found it can hang around like an unwanted gnat for as long as individuals of all ages allow it.

In light of this statement, I’d love to say Hooray … to all lovers of truth! Hooray for genuineness, honesty, gentle firmness with love!
  • If you see injustice … you don’t turn a deaf ear or blind eye
  • You have a beef with someone … time for care-frontation
  • Someone cuts in line … you say something and don’t allow it
  • Rude children running down the grocery aisles … you address it
To those of you who haven’t bought into moral relativism and inglorious shades of gray ... hooray! For not buying into “if it doesn’t touch me, it’s none of my business” or a mentality that has us standing by the side of wrong when we know it’s wrong and ignoring the voice that says we should not.

Hooray for paying the price to not turn away, for doing something about it, for not allowing or for not ignoring. It may cost friendships, comfort, peace of mind, and possibly sleepless nights and yet you pay the price that allows you to live with yourself and gain in ways that can’t be outwardly measured. You’ve purchased a wealth worthy character because you stand and continue standing for things that are right.

Hooray for right! Hooray for you! Hooray for all of those that do!

You make this place a far better world!


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