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The Hot Springs

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Being a true lover of nature, my spirit cries to be one with it, as often as I can, as often as time, job, and duties allow me. I’m happy to say that time is a blessing I receive quite often.

There is an energy that Mother Earth shares with those that show their love for her. It is said that we are to be one with her, and if we are, she will recharge us with the minerals, and energy we need to feel whole. I believe this to be true. All too often, when I start to feel the weakness imposed on me by life’s little trials or by the emptiness of people, I run to her and drop into her waiting arms. Laying still and quiet, I can actually feel her heal my senses. Crazy? No, my friends; try it yourselves and you will see that there is more to Mother Earth than most are aware.

About thirty-two miles from my countryside home, there is a hidden paradise I visit as much as I can. It is a place that few people have discovered and if they have, they care not to make the drive to it, which pleases me.

As I drive in, along a dirt path no wider than my little van, I find myself shielded by a grove of trees blocking the view of any road for miles. The trees, Poplars, Maple and Willows grow in an almost tunnel like form, leading me directly to my sanctuary. Boulders appear at the end of the path, blocking the ability to drive in any closer. I grab my pouch and bag, hoisting them over my shoulder, lock up the van, and walk in for the next five hundred feet or so. There nestled in the middle of nowhere is a spot, in the river, where hot steaming waters flow. A pool encircled by rocks and boulders that someone from the past has laid in place blocking the racing cold waters of the river.

Seclusion becomes my friend. No other people around and the light from the moon glistens over the waters lighting the way, to my favorite spot. A spot where two boulders join to make a shelter from any other person that may approach. To the left is a small path, just outside the banks of the water, that would lead me on a fast run directly to the safety of my van should the need arise. Having no desire to share my time in my sanctuary with any strangers, this plan has been well thought out.

Dropping my bag and pouch at the edge of the little path, I turn, unclothe and enter the steaming waters. There is no feeling like it. The hot waters are mixed with little burst of icy cold river waters. Every so often, the cold waters embrace your body just long enough to give you a renewed sense of life, of energy. As the hot water drains you of your strength, it is, in likeness, to a light being turned on and off. First, you are hot, then cold, then hot. Of course, there is more hot water effects than the cold. Little spurts and gushes of hot water come up through the sandy bottom, directly from Mother Earth. I have actually felt a healing effect from the sulfuric waters of these. To imagine what I am saying, think of the bottom of a pan of water that is just beginning to boil. The bottom of the sandy hot spring does just that. It is such a sensual feeling unlike anything else I know of.

The moonlight acts as a backdrop to all the things around you. A picture of silhouettes that no artist could simulate with the finest of brushes and paints. Mother Earth plays music as you sit locked within your own thoughts. A meditative state that erases all stress from your very being.

To share this with someone you love would be the ultimate. The waters add a special vibe to your senses in many ways. Gushers from the bottom vibrate in the rhythm of pulsations, that are stimulating to say the least. The freedom of your body encircled by Mother Earth’s energies is invigorating and sensuous, opening sensations that are both healing and seductive.

Having daylight breaking through, is a beautiful sight, though not always welcomed. There are those times, when I would just like to stay for a little while longer. The daylight does not take away my stresses but rather fills me again with the list of to do’s. I submit, walking slowly from my hot springs to the bag laying on the ground, I open the zipper, pull out my towel, and dry my body. It is a burden to re-clothe, a must, that feels, in itself unnatural.

The drive back home is quiet. Every sense alive and refreshed. A smile adorns my face, for I know I will return soon. Mother Earth and I are one, when once again, I can visit my sanctuary ... designed by her for me.


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