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How to Accept Change Gracefully

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We’ve heard before that what we resist persists and fighting against anything just makes it worse. Change is no different. In fact, it’s constant. Will we live a life of struggle or a life of growth and acceptance (maybe even adventure)? In this answer lies the key to accepting change gracefully.

It’s easy to get comfortable in our surroundings even when they’re not ideal. Times of change challenge us, asking that we make decisions, exert effort, and go by faith in the face of unknowns. Sometimes we feel too tired or fearful, so we sink back into the norm. We lull ourselves back to sleep. We dig deeper to keep everything the same.

But when we’re faced with change, do we recognize the opportunity at hand? We have a choice to find out what’s around the corner or attempt to force and control our lives. We have a choice to take a leap, knowing that our lives have a plan, or bury our heads in the sand, hoping to escape a challenge we know deep down inside is needed for growth. 

Three Tips to Accept Change Gracefully
We only have right now. Whatever happened even five minutes ago no longer exists. Right here and right now is the only point from which we can take action. So how can we accept change? Here are three tips to not just accept change, but to accept it with grace: 

1. Allow the Experience
Here it comes—don’t brace yourself! Stay open, welcome the change at hand, and keep breathing. They say when you approach an angry person with a smile, it often changes the entire interaction. Not all new situations look threatening, but by allowing the experience, by smiling at it, excess suffering caused by resistance leaves the scene.

2. Stay Centered in Grace
As the world around you shakes, show love, kindness and mercy to yourself and others. Times of change provide excellent opportunities to cultivate grace, accept grace through faith and show mercy to others. Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy” (Matthew 5:7).

3. Refuse to Judge the Situation
This one can often show itself as the stumbling block—stay strong! We want to evaluate new situations quickly, this is good; this is bad. Refuse. Remain open to the change without judging it. Yes, you may have feelings about the change, and you may have feelings during the change, but as change occurs, let it unravel as its true self. Experience the full benefit of the change.

We often look back and recognize that some of our most purposeful moments, for better or worse, came from times of change. Practice accepting change with grace, and watch how doors open and your life expands in favor. 


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