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How Can We Put Our Self-Love to Good Use?

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Empower yourself with self-love by practicing this meditation, and then help others, like the people of Japan, benefit from your love-full energy.

I have mentioned over and over the importance of filling your self-love pitcher to overflowing capacity in order to bathe others around you in love without draining yourself of this wonderful resource.

The Buddhist faith has a wonderful mediation to practice and it will keep your pitcher full at all times. This “Loving Kindness Meditation” is a simple ten- to fifteen-minute spiritual journey to be done on a daily basis. Over many months you will see that you are always full of self-love and thus have an abundance to share with those around you.

In preparation, try to sit in a comfortable fashion. Then relax your body and be at rest. Try to quiet your mind. Refocusing on an empty mind and pushing to the side your plans and other daily preoccupations encourages healthy concentration.

Take a few deep breathes, close your eyes, and recite the following phrases, focusing each phrase toward you. As you know from my self-love pitcher scenario, you begin with yourself because without loving yourself it is almost impossible to love others.

May I be filled with loving kindness
May I be well
May I be peaceful and at ease
May I be happy

As you say the phrases, you may also wish to use the image from the Buddha’s instructions: picture yourself as a young child sitting on your knee with loving arms around this child, or sense yourself as you are now, bathed in the warmth of loving kindness. Repeat the phrases again and again, letting the feelings permeate your body and mind. Feel each phrase and believe in your love for yourself.

Continue to practice this meditation repeatedly for a number of weeks until the sense of loving kindness for you blossoms to its full potential. Once you have instilled in you the loving kindness the universe has to offer, then you may take on a beneficiary if you would like to share your wealth. (I encourage this as it increases your positive energy and your attraction will rapidly rise.)

In this time of tragedy, the people of Japan could use your blessings and strong energy. Spread your loving kindness by directing this meditation toward the people of this great but wounded nation.

May the Japanese people be filled with loving kindness
May the Japanese people be well
May the Japanese people be peaceful and at ease
May the Japanese people be happy

Although you might not feel that you have made a difference, in your own way you have contributed to creating an energy shift toward a population that needs every ounce of support.

So look after your self-love first and then pass it on. Feel how energized it makes you to be part of the difference in your life and in others.

Is there any other way to instill loving kindness in your life and others?


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