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How to Change Your Limiting Beliefs in Ninety Seconds

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If you’re like most of us, you go through each day telling yourself a story—about who you are, and what your life is like—and those patterns of thought and emotion repeat over and over throughout your day.
This story is what keeps you locked into creating your future based on your past. But when you can discover why you’ve been telling yourself that story, you have the power to break free.
Neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor discovered that it really only takes ninety seconds for your system to process an emotion, and you’re completely in charge of whether you click back into that feeling once those ninety seconds have passed. In her book, My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey, she uses anger as an example of one of many emotions we experience:
“Once the anger response is triggered, the chemical released by my brain surges through my body, and I have a physiological experience. Within ninety seconds from the initial trigger, the chemical component of my anger has completely dissipated from my blood, and my automatic response is over.
If, however, I remain angry after those ninety seconds have passed, then it is because I have chosen to let that circuit continue to run. Moment by moment, I make the choice to either hook into my neurocircuitry or move back into the present moment, allowing that reaction to melt away as fleeting physiology.”
But there’s a reason we can’t stay in the present moment and instead get swept right back into the feeling. It’s because we’re so used to our story, we believe it as reality. So how can we change this?
How to Step Outside Your Story
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Schultz was recently interviewed about his struggle with dyslexia as a child. He talked about how liberating it was to finally discover that it was not his fault—that it was due to a problem in his brain.
It was this realization that empowered him to finally be able to learn to read. “When someone gives you the opportunity to step outside of your current reality, it changes the story you’ve been telling yourself. It can change the entire course of your life.”
So how can you discover ways to step outside the story you’ve been telling yourself, and change your life forever?
The Wisdom of Your Face: How Your Face Reveals Your Story
In my work as a teacher of Chinese face reading—an ancient branch of Chinese medicine that reveals your inner nature—I've seen so many people have huge “Aha!” moments as they learn that the features of their faces explain what story they’re telling themselves that keeps them locked in their current reality.
Face reading teaches that your true nature is reflected in the features of your face.
Originating over 3,000 years ago in China, face reading is a profound and powerful way to understand who you really are, why you’ve been telling yourself such a limiting story, and how you can break free.
Personal Change and Face Reading: Three Examples of Life-Changing Results

1. Social Anxiety: Elizabeth had a personal epiphany in my workshop when she learned the features on her face explained why she had struggled with social anxiety and shyness all her life. These patterns of emotion weren’t her fault—they were part of her inner nature—but she’d been letting herself get swept away in these feelings for decades, and over time they had really interfered with her finding happiness in life.

Elizabeth had always dreamed of being on stage, but held herself back because of her social anxiety. After taking my workshop, Elizabeth was able to move beyond social anxiety, and she became a public speaker.

2. People-Pleaser: Another woman who took my class, Cathy, discovered that the wrinkles that had started to appear in her cheeks indicated she had a lifelong tendency to let her responsibilities weigh on her too heavily. As a result, she had a pattern of depriving herself of what she needed to be happy, and she tried to please everyone else instead.

Cathy was so committed to changing her life that she started to allow herself time for pleasurable activities and self-care. She was amazed to see that her wrinkles in her cheeks disappeared. This is actually a common result for my class participants. The wrinkles that develop due to limiting beliefs and behaviors can actually go away when you reverse those behaviors! (Not all wrinkles are bad; some are good signs.)

3. Highly Sensitive Person: Bob was astonished to learn that the shape of his nose revealed his highly sensitive nature and his struggles with feeling overwhelmed by other people’s energy. As a result, he felt he had to hold himself apart from others, and so he was living a lonely, single life.

In my workshop, Bob learned how to turn his sensitivity into a strength. By managing his sensitivity, he was able to get close to others and find his soul mate.

You were born with a unique inner design, a beautifully intricate pattern that shows your greatest potential, but also inclines you toward beliefs and perceptions that create that story you’ve been telling yourself, which can limit you in life.
Sometimes we are so immersed in our story that we don't even know we're limiting ourselves because of it.
When you can learn to read your own personal design in the features of your face, you get a gift— the opportunity to step outside of your old story.
Once you know your inner nature and your tendencies, it's much easier to catch yourself in your story and change the direction of your life. With heightened awareness, you can take advantage of those ninety seconds to spot a pattern and choose a more supportive thought, emotion or belief.
What could you discover in your own face to move beyond your old story?


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