How to Create the Reality You Want

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Anyone who’s read or seen the book or film, “The Secret,” is familiar with the concept that “you create your reality.” Leading edge research indicates, however, that your reality can be largely created for you by events that occurred before you were born.

Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., in his bestselling book The Biology of Belief, reported—as have others in the field of neuroscience—that thoughts and feelings affect you down to the DNA level. Because you inherit your DNA, you are also inheriting from your ancestors not only their strengths, but also the deeply held beliefs and feelings they felt in reaction to their traumas.
Research by the The Institute for the Study of Peak States shows that your limiting emotional and physical conditions can result from traumas experienced during your physical development in the womb.
The good news is that you don’t have to be a victim of the DNA you inherited or the trauma you may have experienced in the womb. You can change your reality—i.e. your life—by discovering and changing the unconscious debilitating beliefs and feelings with which you were likely born.
How can you accomplish this miraculous feat? By paying attention to your feelings. When you fully acknowledge your feelings, you can allow yourself to learn the truth about those feelings that are holding you back. Then those feelings that aren’t serving you can change. And the beliefs that were formed in reaction to those feelings can shatter, freeing you from their limiting nature.
The trick is to be able to discover the feelings that drive the beliefs that limit you. Because these feelings usually don’t feel very good, we try to avoid them. We often numb ourselves with distractions like television, food, alcohol, or other substances and activities that artificially alter our consciousness. Or we stay busy every minute of the day or avoid being alone or even being still for a moment.
The truth is that most people are terrified of fully feeling their feelings. They fear that if they allow themselves to feel their pain or uncertainty, they might fall into a bottomless pit of suffering from which they will never emerge. The error in this way of being however is a failure to understand that what you resist, persists. Those gnawing, uncomfortable feelings are there, trying to get your attention, so you can acknowledge them and allow them to change. If you continue to resist unpleasant feelings, they not only perpetuate unwanted emotional patterns, but they also can become stored in the body and turn into physical ailments. By shining the light of consciousness upon your uncomfortable feelings, you truly can set them free.
A fact of the human experience is that we cannot always identify our deepest fears and misunderstandings on our own. But you can take the first step on this journey by starting to acknowledge your feelings when you’re feeling ill at ease, emotionally or physically. Allow yourself to take out time to find where the feeling resides in your body, and simply allow that feeling to speak. By acknowledging your feelings and listening to what they are saying, you begin the first step towards transformation. You have to “feel it to heal it.”
When you allow yourself to stop, reflect, pay attention, and acknowledge that you are feeling unwanted, not good enough, unimportant, betrayed, violated, or other unpleasant feeling, you allow yourself the opportunity to realize that others’ behavior towards you doesn’t define your worth. You allow the possibility of learning from your pain, and of seeing how lessons learned from the unwanted experience can move you forward on your path to wholeness and self-mastery. Once your disturbing feelings are healed, you can live with greater ease, joy, and confidence, no matter what is happening in your life or the world around you.


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