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How Do I See?

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Two women are sitting in a park watching their children play on the playground. One of the other children on the playground walks over to where the two women’s children are playing with trucks in the sand box. They smile at each other proud of how their children are letting this new child into their circle of play. The boy’s mom sits on a bench down from where they are sitting very attentive and aware of what her son is doing. After a while, the mom gets up, walks over to where the children seem to be having a good time, and holds her hand out to her son. She takes him aside and hands him a ball. She points to the grass and the boy runs off with the ball. The other two mothers give each other a confused look. One thinks, “Is he too good to play with my son?” The other mom assumes he must play soccer and she wants him to practice. While the boy’s mom wonders, “Will he ever fit in when he can’t hear?” Her heart aches as she saw the boys asking him questions and he didn’t respond, so she decided it would be best for him to just go play with the ball.

In life, we see the world through the eyes of our own life experiences. If we are from a divorced family and have been subject to individuals that aren’t honest, we may see through eyes of doubt. If we were raised by a loving family with close friends that always trusted us we may be more trusting. If we have had a mixed life experience we may see the potential of good while still staying alert to the potential of mistrust. We then combine our own self-growth with our life experience. For example, are we aware of how we have allowed our thoughts and experiences to affect our present and how do we want to take the part that is good and discard the part that is bad?

I made a comment on Facebook to a post by Marvin Towler that each day I want to be a better version of myself. He responded, “I believe that we are whole, complete, and perfect. So for me the practice is to not be better, but rather reveal more of my divine nature each day.” From his comment I realized rather than be better I could be just be more. For me, by removing better, that eliminates the potential of one day being worse. This keeps me in a positive state of growth. 

From being open to learn and hear other individual interpretations of life and situations we only hold ourselves down from growing. Our ego sometimes wants to be right, to know the answers, to supply the solutions. Our soul however grows so much more when it is open and willing to understand another viewpoint, to hear a different perspective. Our lives are a journey and we have the potential to see so much more. 

Had the mothers in the park been open to see more, they may have noticed the boy’s mom sign to her son. There could have been an opportunity for their children to learn sign language and to be able to play with the boy. Once a day step out of your life, reflect on your day, and see if there is potential to grow. Listen to others to understand what they see. Ask questions and broaden your life experience. We may not all interpret the world through the same eyes, yet we can all learn through the eyes of the world.


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