How Do You Get It Back? Easy, You Never Lost It

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Ever look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question “What happened to me?” or “Why am I not attractive?” or “Whatever happened to that kick-ass woman or man I used to be?

Ever think about whatever happened to the “IT” factor that you used to have? You know, when you were afraid of nothing. You knew you could another job in a second. You knew you could blew away an exam without even studying. You didn’t care if that guy or that girl left you because there were four more waiting.

You were fine! You were all that and a bucket of chitlins! (That’s right, just stankin for no reason!) You had it all going on and you couldn’t be touched.

Then, what happens? You let the present become the past! You let the “IT” become the that!

When you were fifteen points lighter, that was when you had to fight off the girls and the guys. When you were making As in school, that was was when you couldn’t be touched academically. When you were moving from one job to another and not worrying about the future, that was when you were fearless!

You wish you could find that person again. Well, unless you are having some sort of out of body experience, you are still that person. But you know what happened? You started focusing on the thing you couldn’t change as opposed to what you could. Still confused? Wrap your mind around.

In the grander scheme of things, there is one very basic fundamental thing that you can not change: time! You are going to get older. Your bones are going to get a little fragile. Your ability to metabolize is going to get a little slower. You can’t change time. What happens is that we get so upset by all of the incidental things that come with time, we let the “IT” factor in us to into the “THAT” factor. When you were young, you were fearless. When you were lighter, you had more men or women after you. When you first started working, you could move from job to job. When you were in your twenties, you had your whole life laid out including graduate school, and that corporate job, the big money salary, and the lifestyle.

Well, you can’t change time. You can change your mindset! Listen, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten mad at single parents telling me that they want to get their degrees but they can’t because they have kids. My mother got her Master’s degree when I was eight years old. I can’t tell you how many times I had to sit in the lobby of the school while she was in class. Crazy! Who told you that you couldn’t make a career change now that you have a family? Where did that lie come?

Now, I know some of you have been watching too many model shows but let me tell you something, I have known plenty of full-size women who can stop men in their tracks! One of my best friends and frat brother (whose nick name is Big Sexy) once said, “It’s amazing, I actually got more attention from women when I got bigger as opposed to being smaller!”

And why do you think that you can’t follow that life plan you had? You can still get to where you want to go and be what you want to be. And STOP using that crappy line, “Things change!”. No! Times change! Circumstances change! Knowledge changes! But only you can change what you plan to do!

Stop taking the easy way out by convincing yourself that you no longer have “IT” anymore! Trust me; you are just as smart as you were then. You are just as competent as you were then. You are just as sexy and fine as you were then.

Remember, the only difference between the person you are today and the person you were ten years ago is time, experience, gravity, and a few pounds! Instead of beating yourself over what you think you have lost and left you, spend time re-establishing what has always been there.

How do you get “IT” back? Easy, you never lost “IT” to begin with! Dammit!



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