How to have the perfect Saturday!

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I always said that they’re two kinds of people, those that get up to eat, and those that eat when they get up. I’m the latter, not to be mistaken for the former. I love to sleep, and especially on Saturday mornings when there is nothing planned, or even when there is, sometimes I opt not to go if I have to get up early. After a long 5 day week I look forward to Saturday morning. This day was made for sleeping in and catching up on your rest anytime during the day.
How to have the perfect Saturday is easy, and I do this as often as I can. Start by sleeping in as long as possible. When you can no longer sleep, lounge in bed undisturbed until your stomach starts to growl or you have to run to the bathroom. Once up, prepare yourself the Big Breakfast, you know like a small feast. It’s your first meal of the day and it’s probably around noon, so technically its brunch. You have to eat foods from each food group since you eating a combination of two meals. I generally have wheat pancakes or wheat waffles with eggs and meat, washed down with juice or a cup of tea.

After brunch, throw on some sweats and walk a mile or two for exercise to work off the calories from earlier, or to lessen the guilt from all that food. (It works for me) Return home to soak in the tub for at least 30 minutes or until you start to look wrinkled. Try not to do any chores as you head back to your bedroom. For the remainder of the day clothes are optional. Watch all the cooking shows on Food Network and anything on HGTV until you start to dose off. By now it’s about 4 or 5 o’clock so it’s ok to take a nap. Heck it’s Saturday, go ahead. Sleep no longer than two hours, because you want to be able to sleep again that night. When you awake from your deep sleep for the second time that day, proceed to eat anything from the fridge. Its free game, if it’s in the fridge. For some reason it’s empty, do by all means order in. Whatever you do, don’t go out! After you have eaten, surf the net, catch up on phone calls, then watch TV until you’re ready to turn in for the night. No company needed. Now I lay me down to sleep….


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