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How to Make Your Dreams Come True in 2013, Part I

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By Jillian Bullock

In order to achieve your dreams and goals in 2013 it is vital to look back on 2012. Don't start planning your resolutions for the new year just yet. First, take some time and write down a list of what happened last year where you felt you were successful. What goals did you achieve whether they were personal or professional, big or small successes? The second list write down things that happened that may not have been pleasant, like a divorce or an illness, but eventually you learned a great lesson. The third list, write down people in your life you need to distance yourself from because they are not positive, supportive, uplifting, loving or caring. Moving on to list four – write down adventures or happenings you had in 2012 where you obtained wonderful, rich and full experiences which added wonder, joy, wisdom, and depth to your life. The last list, five – note how you enriched the lives of others, be they family, friends, co-workers or strangers.

Once you've completed all five lists, take some time to truly examine the picture of your life in 2012. Looking back will help you plan your future in the new year.

Take Action

Now that you have all five lists and you've studied them carefully, it's time to take action for the new year. You should have noticed from the lists areas where you need to take immediate action. Just like you wrote five lists for 2012, now it's time to do the same for 2013. Break the lists up, one on a separate page in your journal. You want to be able to envision your future, which will keep you focused.

Once your lists are completed, now begins the journey to greater success and happiness. First, you must program your mind and develop persistence, knowing the first few weeks of the new year you will be ready to go and be full of energy. After a month or so you may start to lose interest or get bored, or you make encounter challenges, obstacles, roadblocks or hardships. Don't let anything or anyone derail you from completing everything you have written on your lists. You may feel defeated or you may want to quit because it's too hard, but remember to stand fast, refuse to settle for anything less than what you hold dear in your heart – your dreams. Your success will happen as long as you stick with it.

Surround Yourself With Greatness

"Surround yourself only with people who will lift you higher," Oprah stated.

Obviously, her comment makes a lot of sense. However, many people continue to associate with people who are naysayers and haters. Those who not only have no clue about the level of greatness and success you're trying to achieve, but who will fault you for having a dream in the first place. These are not the type of people you want to have in your circle.

Cultivate people who are like minded, who are supportive, and who have your back. For example, although I have a degree in Communications, I felt I needed more support and constructive feedback with my speeches since I was starting a motivational speaking and life coaching business. I had been doing well in the short time I started my business, which was early in 2012, but I recently joined Toastmasters. This is an organization that has meetings and groups all around the world with the same goal in mind – to help people become great speakers. You are surrounded by professionals who are encouraging and friendly, which is important for people who are new to public speaking or who may have stage fright. An added bonus is that Toastmasters has a network of millions of people who I can connect with and possibly acquire more speaking engagements.

Again, it is so important to join different groups and organizations with people who are working to achieve success in your field or who have already achieved what you are working to do. Even if you're not on their level yet, the best way to get to their level is to understand what steps they took. If you want to become a millionaire, join organizations like the Millionaires' Club. You don't have to be rich to join. You just need the willingness to learn and to grow so you can become a millionaire within – you write down what your time frame is, one year, two years, five years.

" If everyone received the encouragement they need to grow, the genius in most everyone would blossom and the world would produce abundance beyond the wildest dreams. We would have more than one Einstein, Edison, Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Dr. Salk and other great minds in a century, " – Sidney Madwed


Within the first few months of the new year, take some time to sit in a comfortable chair, in a room that is quiet in your house or apartment. Get a pen and your journal. Write down 100 things you want to do before you die; your bucket list. Whatever is truly important to you and those things that you are passionate about, write it down. It can be something as small as buying a puppy to something major like getting a pilot's license or dropping 50 pounds.

After you've finished the list, get started. Take baby steps or giant steps, it doesn't matter; just get moving. Make sure to check off each item once you've completed it. The hope is that you will have checked off all 100 items before you die. And even if you don't, knowing you lived life passionately over the years and completed most is still more exciting than just waking up each morning, going to work, coming home, playing with your kids, spending a little time with your spouse and then waking up to do it all over again for years. Add some thrills and chills to your life, which will not only make you happy, but you'll live longer, too.
When you make your list of 100 be sure to include:
• Locations you want to visit
• Some things you want to learn
• How you plan to give back to others
• Books you want to read
• Movies you want to see
• People you want to meet
• Achievements you want to accomplish
• Foods you want to try
• Overcoming fears that have kept you limited

The topics can be about anything. Just make sure you're passionate about your list so you'll continuingly work toward making it happen. To help you fulfill your bucket list, don't just write it down in your journal, you also need visuals.

I have on my wall cutouts of photos of what I plan to achieve in the next year. I put these cutouts on a poster board and placed it on my wall in my bedroom where I see it each morning and evening. The board has pictures from magazines and I made it look like a story. This wall is also littered with several different motivational quotes from a variety of people. I take a moment, especially when I'm having a hard day, to sit quietly, breathe deeply and look at my vision board and read the quotes. After 10 or 15 minutes my spirit is lifted, my mind is clear and I can push forward.

Just for an added pointer – whatever room you use as your vision room, make sure it is festive, clean, well lit, organized, and smells of a wonderful aroma. The aura of this room is so important for your spirit, mental and emotional state.


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