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How Many Times Do We Take the Same Path?

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I would like to state for the record that this may or may not be the first time on this particular path. The path, you ask? Fitness, I respond! I for one think this will become not a path but a lifestyle this time. I have done it with my mind before, lost that and this too will be part of the particular path. I have done it with my eating habits before, and starting to lose that too, so it also will be part of this path. I’ve also done it with my fitness level (or lack thereof) and lost that, so it will be part of my path as well. A trifecta path of sorts you might say.
So, I don’t know about you, but I’m starting over. What is in the past can darn well stay there…it’s only in my memory anyway. I can recreate my mental habits, my eating habits, and my fitness habits. Starting earlier this week I’ve begun my journey. I don’t have to hold dear my past habits and continue to make bad choices.
I am declaring 01/21/2012 as the official new “Rickey Jane Wright Rudy” day. Why 01/21/2012 . . . well that’s kind of personal but let’s just say the day means something to me. I am beginning prior to that date to get myself in order, set aside the trappings that I need to begin and preparing the soil of my soul, brain and body to be the person I know I can, and I know I want to be. The person that in living their life in a good way, a conscious way improves myself and, helps others to help themselves. I’m here to lend a hand. Each of you that know me personally knows that is one of my favorite things to do, anyway.
I will consciously put the vitamins, foods, supplements in my body that will help my body to continue to grow and not decline. I will fill my soul, mind and heart with the goodness of life, knowledge and divine energy to allow myself to grow and not decline. I will fill my days and hours with exercise and intent to build my body to grow and not decline.
I want to be in control and responsible for who, what and where I am. I want to decide where I am going and not “find myself there”. I’ve waited a long time in my life for this moment in time to be mine. It is here and I shall take advantage of it.
I hope you do too.
Love can change the world but only if we share it.
Peace and love to you and yours, Rickey


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