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How to Not Hate Your Life in January and February

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One of the most traditionally depressing days of the year is coming up: Blue Monday, the fourth Monday of January, when there isn’t a holiday or celebration in sight for months. Just dreary, lifeless January and February. Before you give into the doldrums there are a few things that can make these winter months a little brighter. Whether it’s faking a tan or finding an excuse to wear your Snuggie 24/7, we applaud you for finding a bright side to a dull situation. And because we know this isn’t an easy task, we’re willing to share some of our ideas on how to survive the winter months with a smile on your face.

Try hot yoga.
Everyone knows endorphins can do wonders in beating the blues but who wants to trudge to the gym in the cold where you’ll have to fight for a machine with all the freshly motivated (read clueless) folk? Instead of hitting the gym, try a yoga or exercise class. If you’re in desperate need of warmth, hot yoga feels like a mini tropical vacation—one in which you emerge sweaty and toned, instead of sun burnt and bloated from too many margaritas.

Plan a vacation.
Now is the perfect time to plan a tropical trip, especially since you have nothing else to truly look forward to for the next two months (you’ll have to forgive my winter blues). There’s no better way to break up long work weeks, than by spending a few minutes here and there planning an adventure. Plus, your new-found vacation goal will force you to put money aside instead of spending it on your frivolous things. Piña Coladas await.

Go shopping with your gift cards.
Hopefully you still have Christmas gift cards to spend. A little retail therapy can go a long way.Think of it as Christmas, round two.

Makeover your office cubicle.
It may be the New Year, but you’re probably doing the same old work. We don’t all have the luxury of leaving our old jobs and finding a new one, but let’s just play pretend. Spice up your life in the office by re-decorating your office cubicle and it’ll feel like you were promoted.

Say “no” to New Year’s resolutions and justify doing so by believing, at Least for now, that the world is going to end in a few months.
According to the Mayan prophecy, we’ll all be toast in a few months as it is, so why not eat that donut, drink that beer, and lounge around the house instead of working out? It’s an added bonus if you gain weight; we’ll need it when the sun burns out and we’re freezing to death. If somehow, Earth continues to spin come May, you can celebrate by getting outside and moving—in time for actual bathing-suit season.

Hibernate without judgment.
It’s cold out and smarter creatures have taken comfort in a warm, accommodating cave somewhere. We may not be bears, but it’s the one time of the year that we can get away with hibernation. And by hibernation we mean snuggling up on the couch with cheesy rom-coms and a bottle of wine.

Enjoy time away from annoying relatives.
Why aren’t you married? When will you have kids? Are you still with what’s-his-name? We have to put up with the twenty-one questions around the holidays, but now you have at least until Passover or Easter before you have to prepare answers to those annoying questions. Revel in the respite from forced family merriment.

Load up on Valentine’s Day candy for yourself.
The best part about Valentine’s Day is not the romantic gestures, cheesy films, or time with your lover. Nope, it’s the candy. It’s like the underappreciated Halloween. And the best part? V-Day candy starts showing up in stores in January. So stock up on that good stuff and if anyone asks, you’re just a very generous and caring girlfriend/mother/sister/co-worker.

Get a fake tan.
Whether you head to a tanning salon for a spray tan or just merely slather on some tinted moisturizer, your neglected winter skin will thank you. It’s no tropical vacation, but there’s something to be said for faking it ’till you make it.

Flaunt sexy boots.
January is usually a time for slushy snow and muckiness, but bust out in killer boots and we promise you’ll feel anything but under the weather.

Let go of shaving your legs; hit the snooze one more time.
Legs feeling a little prickly? No worries! It’s far too cold to throw on a dress anyway, pants will do just fine. Plus, the added fuzz keeps you warmer, right? You can think we’re gross all you want, but deep down you know exactly what we’re talking about.


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