How to Stay Focused When Things Are Not Going Right …

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Most people believe that when you become self-employed everything in life gets easier. Well I can certainly tell you from my own personal experience that when I became self-employed things actually became harder. I was talking with my sister the other day and told her how simple life use to be when I was broke and was barely getting by. Even though I was miserable, I didn’t have as much stress or responsibility.

I grew up extremely poor and even though I’m not “filthy rich” I can’t imagine ever being that poor again. Even though it made me the person I am today, I can guarantee that the experience was over rated! When I started my first business over ten years ago my drive and motivation at the time were basic. I wanted to keep a roof over my head, gas in my tank, and food on my table. As time went on, my mind expanded and my drive and motivation expanded as well. I began to realize that I could accomplish my dreams of living a better life and achieve my goal of becoming my own boss.

There were plenty of times that things did not go smoothly. I have hit so many bumps in the road that it became too many to keep track of! Running your own business you always will always have employees who do not show up, equipment that will break, and client’s who won’t pay their bills on time—you name it. When these things happen it’s important that you remember to stay focused. There will always be times when things will not go right and it’s at these times that you remember your motivation.

For me, my motivation has always been my children. I wanted to give them things that I could have only imagined having as a child. Not necessarily materialistic things but things such as a nice home, a good school, new clothes and security. All which are things I did not have as a child. I remember growing up having to do without because we were poor. Then I look at the wonderful life my husband and I have been able to provide for our children and that’s the internal drive that keeps me going.

Don’t get me wrong, even to this day I still have good and bad days. There are days when I wake up and I feel like I’m in heaven. Then there are other days when I wake up and feel like I’m in . . .  well the other place. Again, it’s that internal drive that always reminds me why I do what I do. It’s that internal drive that will keep you focused when things may not be going as planned.

There’s a quote that I love that goes: “If not me—then who? If not now—then when? If not this way—then how?” I have this quote posted in my office as a reminder that even when things go bad that they could be worse. Misery is optional. Success is possible. The choice is up to you.

Determine who you want to become and the type of life you want to have. Determine when and why you want to be this person and live that type of life. Then most importantly, determine how you’re going to make it happen. Some people live their lives aspirational and not operational. That is why most people never accomplish their goals. Don’t become one of “them.” Stay focused and go out and make things happen!



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