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Hurt and Pain

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Well, what I’m about to write comes directly from my life. Things were going so well for me and my family … at least I thought they were. I found a job and actually really liked it, I had a little money to spend, and I had my savings building back up. Then, all of the sudden, a bill, a very large bill, came about and took everything I had saved. I didn’t let it get to me though; I still went on about my everyday life trying to get things back in order.

Things were going well with my husband and me. Just a few minor bumps that I knew I could handle. Out of the blue, my husband decides to buy me a car—my dream car—a Cadillac Escalade. I was truly happy and content, just a small nagging in the back of my mind. Still, I went on with my days.

Work was becoming a place I dreaded. My boss is a very nice person, but I just get a negative vibe from her each time she is around. I still dread going, but I have to. There are bills to pay and children and a Toy Chihuahua to take care of. On Tuesday, my husband did some things that didn’t make me happy. I let him know how I felt on the situation, and now the car he bought for ME is no longer an option to drive. I’m back to driving Buster … my trusty old Ford Expedition. That was the nagging in the back of my mind.

On to my job …  I don’t mind my schedule, but the twenty-four-year-old inexperienced assistant GM has me working for two weeks straight, then one day off and back to work. When I asked her about it, she didn’t try to change anything, but told me I’m allowed to work it out with a coworker and she won’t mind. Who does that? Today I decided to ask my dad to borrow his truck to move some things, and he told me no. Then he told me it’s okay for my brother to drive me. My brother is in bed sleeping. I have to be at work at two, and this all comes from the man who calls me every time he needs something. My older sister does nothing for him, but she can come use his truck at anytime for anything for anyone. I’m not worthy I guess. I was so hurt by that, but what can I do? My life, my life, my life … I try not to let it get me down, because I know someone else has it far worse. Just needed to let some things out, since I have no one else to confide in. 


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