Hurting After a Break-Up? Conjure Your Creativity for Emotional Healing

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So you’ve just come out of a relationship, the break-up was kind of messy and you’re about ready to explode. You have a volatile mix of emotions pent up inside of you, with no conceivable way to get them out unless your body bursts into a million pieces. Well don’t fear, there’s a better way to let those feelings out than self-combustion.

Using art to let out all those pent up emotions is a healthy and productive way to ease your mind and relieve your soul. The best way to deal with a grueling break up is to confront it head on; it’s optimal to deal with your feelings while they’re ripe rather than letting them sit in hopes they’ll eventually disappear. Some of the best art (music included) comes from the release of raw, tangible emotion. The key is to not hold back; don’t even think twice about what comes out until you’re done. Oh, and don’t use a lack of skill as an excuse; you’re doing this for yourself, not to become a world-renowned sculptor (but more power to you if you happen to get some great work out of this).

So where to get started? Really wherever you feel comfortable, you may have some experience painting or drawing but haven’t practiced in years. Now would be a great time to go back to that. Develop your skills and see what your recent experiences could translate to on a canvas or sketchbook.

Even if you have never so much as put a paintbrush to a canvas, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start now. You can paint an image you have in mind, or just go with an abstract amalgamation of colors. And don’t restrict yourself to a canvas, use any medium you feel appropriate, whether that is your kitchen wall, a piece of cardboard, your trash can, or a t-shirt.

Writing, either poetry or just free writing, has been a popular tool for many people trying to overcome a difficult time in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written creatively before in your life, just write down your feelings and see what comes out. That’s really all it takes.

There are endless mediums through which you can use creativity toward self-recovery. You could try to take a sculpting class or start up on ceramics, jewelry making or learn an instrument. Just be sure to do whatever is right for you to confront your emotions and move onto a healthier, more content self.

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