I’m a Work in Progress. I’ll Let You Know When I’m Done

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So far, forty-six years in the making. Some of those days were life threatening and others filled with miracles. But most of those moments in time, not a damned thing happen. All those seconds, hours, days, and years add up. Add up today, of course. I probably knew more about what was important in life when I was a five-year-old girl than I do now. For example, “Most people are pretty nice, but some people are kind of mean.” Or, “Playing outside is fun.” One of my favorites … “Kissing boys is really weird, but I like it.”

Here I am, at forty-six years of old, still trying to figure it all out. How to be my own person, while filling all the roles others expect of me. Aren’t you? I’m not searching for some “deep purpose for my existence.” Sometimes taking out the trash is just taking out the trash. Maybe some of the most enlightened moments are simply hearing an old song on the radio, or laughing with your neighbor, pulling weeds in the garden. I especially like pulling weeds. A showdown with Mother Nature is always good for the soul.

Yep, I’m a work in progress. Let’s just say I’m half-baked for now.


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