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I’m Working on Changing Myself This Year

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My daughter works at 8 a.m. at times and I’m not the easiest person to wake up. At 7:30 she’s usually in a panic. I jump out of bed, run for the shower and am out dressed hair done by 7:45. The other morning she said I can’t believe how fast you do that.
It got me to thinking about all the things I sacrifice that I don’t need to do. The morning thing doesn’t matter if I get five hours of sleep or ten so this is going to take some brain washing. I want to lose weight and I want to get healthier. After I had Sarena I packed on at least forty pounds. That was after. While preggers with all three I lost weight with 24/7 morning sickness. After my son Ian was born I started kickboxing two hours a day, five days a week. I loved it. I felt good, I was fit, but I didn’t lose any weight.
The doctor said I had thyroid issue which I have treated and then I broke part of my knee cap. That hurt like hell and my knee hasn’t been right in three years. I read on a website that wooden shoes (clogs) help you to walk correctly. That got me to thinking I hadn’t had new tennis shoes in years. Looking at the bottom of the soles there was a hole in one. I started wearing my treasured clogs around the house and guess what? My knee is starting to feel better. Hmmm maybe that was a no brainer that a doctor should suggest idk.
As for food, I know you hear me say I want to go green and organic. I do very much so. The problem is the price of groceries has soared.  We live on veggies in the summer. We try to plant one item we haven’t tried growing before. Very rarely are their coupons for fresh produce.
So after I took my daughter to work I sat down and thought “no mom should be able to get showered and dressed in fifteen minutes.” I rarely buy anything for myself so I have decided I’m getting new tennis shoes (which really makes me smile) and I’m going on a hunt for new clothes. I’m not talking sweat pants. I’m talking some work out wear like yoga pants and nice work out tops and if I can find one a sports bra.
I’m on the hunt for some blue jeans, new khakis, and nice pants. Of course I’m going to need tops to match. A dress or two wouldn’t hurt either. Then I’m going to work on my hair. What the freaking hell do you do with your hair? Mine’s not gray there might be a few but there are a lot of brown and blond highlights.  I have to find a style that works for me.
So I’m definitely going to share some new me things. I have to find a way to make all these changes affordably of course too. I’m going to be the person I was in my twenties and I’m going to spend more time on myself and for myself. Anyone with me?


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