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I’ve Met Some Snakes in My Life

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As some of you may know, about two weeks ago, there was a snake INSIDE of my house. Yes, inside. Dustin insisted it did nothing wrong and let it go. Honestly, I wanted to kill it and NO, I don’t care what you think about that. Well, lucky for me, today I started to finally clean my house that has been untouched since Friday. Boston was napping, so it was the perfect time. As I am on all fours putting Boston’s toys in his toy box, I see something. It had poked its head out from underneath my sofa where my son had been playing ALL day. I RAN outside with keys in hand so I could go to the back door to get in my room. There lay my little boy sleeping.

We get back to the kitchen so I can tweet about the snake before calling Dustin. I know, serious addiction. After calling Dustin in a panic to get the HELL home, Boston and I grab the puppy and get outside. I got in the car—this time, I had a bra AND shoes on, unlike last time. I am thinking, WTFrick? 

Let’s just say the neighbor “got rid” of the snake. Bye Bye Black Snake! I did learn something though …

Just when you think you have gotten rid of all of the snakes in your life, there is always one who tries to get back in your life. What do you do then? Just ask the snake I met today.


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