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I Am Grateful Now (Part 1)

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What I Have Created Thus Far

I have decided to create my life anew. It is fine, perfect, wondrous as it is but the purpose of this life is to play with, shape, and mold your experiences so that they become the most accurate expression of the way that you want to live. The thing is, even before you realize this, you are still doing it. Always you are shaping and molding your life. If you are complaining about it then really, you are devaluing your gifts and your powers to create. Furthermore, if you are not willing to honor your work thus far, you are not going to be able to create anything different or better

So now, I am creating a new life. I am leaving some parts behind, while appreciating the pieces that will be continuing along with me. Over the next few days, you will be learning about what I have packed in my suitcase.

This week is all about stuffing the suitcase. After awhile, I will board the plane and tell you all about my new destination. But for now, here are my belongings.

My life thus far is surrounded by wisdom and love. As proof, when I first met my husband and I asked him what he most prayed for, his answer was wisdom and love. My wonderful mother sends me love letters constantly, reminding me of my special talents and gifts. Sometimes, she even sends me loving checks in the mail! My beautiful mother-in–law loves to clean up for us and feed us and everywhere I go, people go out of their way to be friendly and accommodating.

As proof, there is always a silence in me—a silence that beckons me to write or to meditate whenever I am feeling out of sorts, whenever I am feeling a new sensation, whenever my life is beginning to shift. There is always a silence that beckons me to come closer to it and hear the truth in its emptiness. There is something in me that always prefers to wait for the answers given by spirit than to chase rewards that yield temporary results. There is always a book, or an article, or a conversation that leads me in the direction that will take me closer to myself, that will help me better understand the universe and my place in it. There is always, within every circumstance, a way out of endless seeking and the possibility of knowing.

I am always aware that I am more than what I appear to be.

It was once said to me, “Abundance is having what you need when you need it.” I am so abundant! There are some who do not count their blessings. This is only because they are not aware that they are the ones creating the blessings and that the more blessings that they count, the more will show up in their life. The universe has a weird, but good, way of doing math!

Abundance overflows in my life. People constantly give me money. Sometimes my loved ones, sometimes people that I have provided valuable services for, sometimes strangers—people I barely know—simply for smiling at them and making them feel special!

I provide a wealth of valuable services. The services I provide not only add something to my clients, but I gain from them as well. Every time I offer a service, a benefit materially of course, but also, I become more of that which I gain. If I conduct an astrology consultation (I am an astrologist), then I become infinitely more knowledgeable about astrology. If I conduct a live food demonstration (I am a live foods chef), then almost immediately, I create a new, fabulous, out-of this world dish!

Opportunities for me to do more of what I love always arise from me doing what I love. For example, I love dance, so this weekend, I attended a dance performance and then, out of that, an opportunity to have an art show arose. (I am also an artist!) It is so beautiful that avenues for increased abundance are always waiting for me at my favorite places.

I have more to tell, but right now, I am going to sleep on the luxurious and comfortable 1,000-thread count sheets I just bought. They are definitely going in the suitcase with me. In fact, I might have to buy a bigger one and add more sheets!


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