This I Believe

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“What goes around comes around.” This is what I truly believe.

I was taught from childhood, “throw it in the river, and it will come back to you.”

I never expect to have any regrets when I leave this earth, only because I know I did my part. I gave to everyone all I have, and I gave with love. I feel my purpose in life is to share whatever I was blessed with; be it my money, my talents or my time.

I’ve always been a phone call away for my friends and family. There is no doubt in my mind that people will remember me for this. I will never be sorry for each step I took to help another in need, even when the going was rough. Somehow, magically, I would receive compensation in some way that totally outweighed my gift to someone.

My rewards have been many, and I realize it has to do with what I put into that river. I loved more and never gave less. So when my husband had to be rushed into the hospital for a quadruple bypass, I never doubted for a moment that he would recover. That’s how life works for me and this is what I truly believe.

I throw good out there and my rewards are plentiful. It’s the greatest investment I could make in my lifetime. God has a good memory and recalls when I spoke the truth or helped someone in need.

I’m good to those I meet on the way up; knowing they are the same people I will meet on the way down. This is a temporary life; I remember that. What I don’t finish here, I will make up for it in the next life. This is my belief. I want to enjoy the benefits of heaven when I die, not have to make up for my failures or mistakes.

My intentions are pure. My love is sincere. My gratitude is without measure. I’ve seen miracles in my life with the power of prayer. I almost lost my sister this year. Although I couldn’t accept the diagnosis the doctors were giving her. I knew there was a greater power to place my trust. They told her she had cancer and had to operate to remove her lung which had a malignant mass. After a grueling day of waiting and praying, the outcome was that the tumor was benign and they had to take only five percent of her lung to do the biopsy.

Is this payback? I believe so.

I’ve lived my life believing in Karma.


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