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I Can’t Make a Fuss

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Even though I have pain that indicates to me I am not taking care of my one and only body as I should, I still feel blessed to wake up every morning and smell the coffee.

Hearing the cats tap-tap-tap on the door cause they want me to get up and stroke them is reason enough to bellow at them to move the frak away from the frakin’ door and scatter their fur in huge clumps all over the living room while we sleep. This is not such a big deal.

Spring means ant invasion time again. Carpenter ants are rather disconcerting because I know they have a Mike Holmes complex somewhere in my wooden abode. It also means I have to really be fastidious about any crumbs or droplets of yummy items that attract the evil black crunchy marauders. The poison is out and they have been feasting on it. Again, not such a big deal.

It is raining, a nice rain that is seeping deep into the forest and giving all the dried out leaves a good soaking. I am not so worried that the neighbors we have who have been burning their trash in an open fire pit won’t send a burning ember up and into the forest and burn half the lower Laurentians into a crispy hunk of coal. Not a big deal, especially after I call 911 on them and have the fire guys arrive and give them a huge fine for burning without a permit.

We are down to the last five months before Frank makes the big decision. Meanwhile, he is ALL about the short list. I even allowed him to test drive a Matrix with me in the car yesterday. He talks about it nonstop. At least he is talking to me. At least he still finds time to hug and kiss me when his male prerogative is pestering him. This is a big deal—I do recommend Astrioglide for those ladies past menopause or if you have a big deal to deal with ... just sayin’.

Pig flu—oh, this could be a huge deal. I do trust that the powers that be will nail down a vaccine super quick. Because we are fortunate and live where we do, most of us will get that shot and most of us will not get the flu. We will take precautions, washing hands, etc., so by and large it will fizzle out in short time.

I have been procrastinating. I need to sand and paint a dear little wooden table and chair set I found at the flea market for Hannah. I have to get a slew of photos printed so I can work on the two scrapbooks I bought at Costco recently. I need to dig out my summer clothes and stash my winter togs. And I need to get out all the seeds I bought and get them planted indoors so by the end of May we can plant outside. I have big plans about the seeds. I just hope all will germinate and not die off. Not a big deal, really.

I am blessed. Making a fuss about stuff I cannot control is pointless. And the stuff I can control is all about doing the do.


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