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I Can't Let Go of My Mom

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My mom passed away July 10, 2010. I just can’t help not missing her. Everyone tells me to get on with my life and that she wouldn’t want to see me suffering. But I can’t. She left so many clothes. Some I gave away to friends & family, some donated, some I kept. I’ve washed the clothes I kept, but her scent is still there. I have fibromyalgia, among other illnesses and my health is poor. Everyone tells me to go on with my life, My mother  wouldn’t want to see me suffer, but I just can’t let go. I miss her smile her hugs and kisses, and her love. She had a warmth about her, that any one that would meet her would love her too. All I do is cry every day, I take prescription pills to calm me down, but I don’t forget. The loss of my mother hit me so hard; I don’t know what to do. I know she’s never coming back, but I keep her in my mind. And I’m waiting to see her soon. My doctor told me if I keep this way I won’t last a year. I miss her so much, it’s hurting my heart, but I can’t help it. I cry everyday for her, It’s actually hurting my marriage, but I can’t stop thinking about her, she took a piece of me when she passed away of my heart. I feel as if I’m incomplete, that I don’t belong. I have my son but it’s not the same. A mother’s love is so precious … I can’t let g of my mom.


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