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I Come Into My Own

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Ever wonder what it will be like ten years from now? Well, I have … wondering always seems to lead me into a state of frustration. Being that I can’t control the inevitable. I am learning the importance of patience, the lessons of mistakes, and the understanding of uncertainty that will always come.

It is ok, I am alright now. I come into my own.

I now know what you tried to teach me then. I now get it, I have to be alone.

I have to know what it is like to stand on my own.

I am no longer wondering what the next ten years will bring, just wishing that I had taken more time to enjoy the years that passed. 

 I see the hard work and dedication that you have shown, and for that, I often seem to yearn.

 I will continue to make mistakes and grow, learn, grown, then learn. 

 Time is of the essence, so I am making it known.

 Until my quilt of life is sewn, I come into my own.


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